3 speed beach cruiser

Best 3 Speed Beach Cruiser

Are you looking for the best 3 speed beach cruiser? Well, your search has brought you to the right place. Cruiser bikes are the most common form of bikes preferred by people. This is basically because they can be used easily for daily work as well as leisure purposes. Most of the cruiser bikes now come with 3 gear options. They offer single speed, 3 speeds and seven speeds.

The review that will be discussed below is based upon all the famous cruiser bikes that have 3 speed shifters. This multiple geared bike earns a great advantage over single speeds. These bikes are easy to take on rocky and uneven surfaces because multiple gear options will be changed according to the type of terrain. Some people do say that multiple speed bikes becomes complex and therefore get difficult to operate.

Nonetheless, 3 speed beach cruiser surely give ultimate bicycling experience to riders. Moreover, this review below will help you in your purchase decision if you ever plan to do so.

Best 3 Speed Beach Cruiser

Let us now have a look at a list of 3 speed beach cruiser. Some of these cruiser bikes are very affordable.

The benefits of 3 speed beach cruiser is obvious. They give you comfortability while riding on hills and at the same time they are simple. The more the gears, the more complicated.

Critical Cycles Men’s Beach Cruiser 3 Speed Beach Cruiser

3 speed beach cruiser

Critical Cycles manufactured this men’s exclusive cruiser bike with a 3-speed internal hub. This multiple gear ratio makes it easy for the user to take the bike on different terrains and thus have a greater control over speed. Attached with the bike are coaster brakes that are not only easy to use but also provide instant stopping power.

Both brakes and gears ensure that full safety of the rider is maintained. The tires are wide so that it makes a good grip on the ground. The comfort of the rider is ensured with a wide saddle that balances the body weight evenly. Handlebars have been situated at a height which gives an upright and thus a comfortable riding position to the rider.

Handlebars also have foam grips so that the hands don’t slip due to sweat. The frame is made of steel which is strong and durable. The steel frame is better in absorbing shocks and gives a smooth ride.

Customer reviews, however, were not that encouraging. Even though bike’s assembly was easy but the functioning of the bike, in general, was what pulled down the ratings. All in all, only 25 percent of the users gave it a full 5-star review.


Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser 3-Speed Bike

3 speed beach cruiser

This women exclusive cruiser bike has been manufactured by Critical Cycles. It has a steel frame which is of a better quality than aluminum and also gives a smooth ride. 3-speed gearing options make it easy for the rider to take the bike uphill and downhill on different terrains.

Coaster brakes are known for their easy usage and are also easy to maintain. The bike’s seat has a wide design which gives rider full comfort even if the rise prolongs for longer hours. An upright riding position is maintained as a result of high rise handlebars.

This position doesn’t give users the usual pain that makes the ride annoying at times. Foam grips have also been attached on these handlebars so that after a long time when hands become sweaty, they don’t slip off. The overall design of the bike is really classy and makes it ideal for women to have.

Based on customer reviews, only 22 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review. The main reason for this was that tires and tube came damaged and it cost them extra money.


Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

3 speed beach cruiser

This bike by Firmstrong has a 3-speed easy shift gear system that makes riding easy on different terrains. Uphill riding, for instance, gets dangerous at the time but even that can be carried out safely on this bike.

The frame has been designed in a way that it makes it better for taller people to ride. Forward pedaling design allows the user to extend her leg properly and thus enjoy the ride. The frame is made of steel which is durable and strong. 26 inch wide tires are made of aluminum.

Aluminum keeps them lightweight which ultimately makes it easy to carry the bike around. Coaster brakes are easy to use and provide instant stopping power. Riders of heights between 5’4” and 6’2” can easily use the bike.

Customers gave impressive reviews regarding the bike. They were extremely satisfied with the overall look of the bike and how it stood out from the rest. The only downside, however, was that many people found it difficult to assemble the bike. still, about 72 percent of the users gave it a full 5-star review.


Fito Women’s Marina Aluminum Alloy 3-Speed Beach Cruiser Bike

3 speed beach cruiser

This women exclusive bike has aluminum frame which is both lightweight and strong. Lightweight frames are beneficial because they make it easy for the rider to carry the bike around. The quality of the frame is such that it will be fully resistant to rust and therefore will remain perfect for years to come.

Shimano NEXUS 3 speed shifter and derailleur system give great control to the rider. She will be able to ride the bike easily on different terrains like uphill and rocky surfaces. Coaster brakes have instant stopping power and are user-friendly too. The bike’s seat has been made of vinyl leather to make it super soft and ensure full comfort.

Twin spring suspension system under the seat absorbs all shocks and gives maximum safety. Bike’s saddle is that one part of the bike with which user is in contact with throughout the ride and therefore its comfort should be given first priority. Handlebars have been situated at a comfortable position and have rubber grips to maintain user’s hand grip on them.

Customers were extremely happy with the bike’s features. Its assembly was easy and hardly took any time. Almost all the users who used it gave it a full 5-star review.


Fito Men’s Modena Beach Cruiser Bicycle

3 speed cruiser bike

Fito men’s men Modena Beach bike has an aluminum alloy frame which is known for its sturdiness as well as for being lightweight. Not just the frame, but all other parts like handlebars and rims are also made of the same material. Since aluminum is a light material, it keeps the bike lightweight as well which then makes it easy for the rider to carry the bike around.

The bike’s saddle may seem oversized to many people but that is due to the spring system underneath it. That system absorbs all shocks and bumps that arise on the way and give maximum comfort to the rider. Coaster brakes that have been used are easy to maintain and also give instant stopping power.

All those who used the bike were of the view that it was a perfect blend of cruiser features and thus suitable for all purposes. The assembly was easy and didn’t take much time. Even though there were some issues with flat tires and tubes but that was all ignored. All in all, about 70 percent of the users gave it a full 5-star review.


Fito Modena II 3 Speed Beach Cruiser Bike

three speed beach cruiser

Perhaps the highlight of this bike is the fact that it is anti-rust. This means that you no longer have to worry about keeping your bike out in the rain or sun for that matter.

The frame has been made of steel which is lightweight as well as durable. Fenders have also been attached to the bike. This protects the rider’s pants from dirt and water splashes from puddles. All the features of the bike have been kept loose so that user can adjust them according to their needs. About 85 percent of the bike came already assembled which saved a lot of user’s time.

Customer reviews were more than overwhelming. From the outlook of the bike to its unsurpassed features; everything was great. Matte black color was the one most demanded by people due to its class. All in all, about 75 percent of the users gave it a full 5-star review.


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