Choosing Hybrid Bike Tires | General Comparison of Tires

Hybrid Bike tires, without any argument, are one of the most important parts of its setup. Without proper tires, the comfort of the ride can get adversely affect. You’ve got great handles, super comfortable seat, strong grips but not decent tires! Well, then it is all going to waste.

Tires are the mainstay of a bicycle, which is why their quality matters a lot along with its durability. Tires are that one part of a bicycle that is in constant motion and contact with all sorts of surfaces throughout the ride. If they are not durable, then you will just end up spending amounts of money, again and again, getting them repaired.

Having a high-quality frame combined with perfect components are surely a prerequisite to achieving a comfortable ride.

We are all aware of how popular hybrid bikes have gotten among riders. They are favored over other bikes because they offer versatility. Instead of buying two or three bikes for different purposes they save a lot of money by just buying one that does it all.

To Understand Hybrid Bike Tires, You Need to Know Them All

Hybrid bikes tires do not come in just one type, but many different kinds. We find hybrid road bikes, hybrid mountain bike, hybrid comfort bikes, trekking, commuter, city and cross bike. Just like these different frames, the kinds of tires used on them are also of the various types.

Basically, the types of tires used in hybrids are similar to those used in other bikes as well.  A detailed classification of all those types will enhance your knowledge about them and help you decide based on what to get and when to get it.

How to Know When to Change the Tire?

No matter what type of rider you are, sharp tread edges are a must. When they’re worn down to the point where you’re getting lots of flats, your bike is handling poorly and/or the tread appears rounded or uneven, replace your tires to guarantee more fun and more safety. –

Types of Hybrid Bike Tires

These are the kinds of tires that you can ‘potentially’ get for Hybrid Bikes. Of course, they are going to have their touch to them, but the idea will remain the same.

So if you are thinking of replacing your Hybrid Bike tires, or if you are going to buy a new one, this should help.

Road Bike Tires

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Clinchers are the most common type of tires used on road bikes. These tires have a steel wire and an inner tube that supports the bead lock. In the case of any leak or flat tire, this tube can be easily accessed and fixed.

Tubular tires are used for professional rides. They require a precise wheel rim to which the tire is attached. Next layer to it is an internal tube that encloses it from all sides. Now the reason why professional riders use it is that even if there is a puncture or the tire gets flat, it will not come off the rim and therefore will somehow manage to reach the destination. Due to this reason and the high-quality materials used, it is more expensive than clinchers.

The sizes of these tires also differ. In the most recent road bikes a 23c tire is used, however now it is being changed to 25 c. 25 c tires are better because they are better able to resist the hurdles and offers better grip.

If you are planning to ride your bike on smooth roads or racing tracks, then it is better if you go for a lightweight tire like Maxxis Re-Fuse Road Bike tire. They will give highest speeds, but on a downside, punctures are more likely to happen on such types. So if you want to speed along with protection from punctures and strong grip then Specialized Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire is the best option. Also, check the Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire. They handle the rocky roads pretty well too.

If you are looking for a Hybrid Road Bike, you can follow the page below:

Hybrid Road Bike

Mountain Bike Tires

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A mountain bike tire is specially designed for rough surfaces and mainly for off road riding. The features that an ideal mountain bike tire will have are a low rolling resistance, good grip, and some support for the tire in the form of slight cushioning.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph is one ideal type of mountain tire. It rolls pretty fast and has a good grip as well. In mountain bikes, as per the purpose of it, choosing a lightweight tire of about 700g would be ideal as it will help the bike accelerate.  However, if you want to take your bike into a variety of surfaces with different textures, then you should go for those with sturdy treads. They will be weighing somewhere between 700-900g.

Onza Ibex is a type of tire built for wet and rocky surfaces. It is more resistant to punctures and is ideal for riding downhill. The type has soft compound because that softness combined with the treads helps to cut through the way.

You can read more about such Hybrid Bike tires here:

Hybrid Mountain Bike

Commuter Bike Tires

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The class is designed for road riding, having good grip, and high speed. They are comparatively wider in size than road tires. Their contact with a vast area can give more comfort to the rider.

Since they are wide, they are less likely to get flat. The most important feature of this type of tire is the grip. The better the grip is, the more likely it is to be used in commuting bikes.

It doesn’t matter which of the four five weather condition is there; the tire should be able to ride through all with the help of its extraordinary grip. Continental’s TopContact Winter II is an example of this kind.

Cyclocross Bike Tires

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Cyclocross is basically the adventure type bikes which are used on almost all sorts of surfaces, whether they are rough, smooth or wet.

Let us assume it is a muddy place you are planning to travel more. So in that case, maximum traction from a tire will be most wanted. Treads should be thick and chunky.  Bontrager Team Issue XR tire is a kind which is heavy and has an excellent grip, thus making it suitable for muddy landscapes.

Choosing between the widths of tires depends on what you expect of them. If you want a good grip, the tires should be wide otherwise narrow tires will be opted for speeds.

Contrary to the muddy kind, if the rider is planning to travel mostly on smooth roads, combined with some on grass travel and even off-road at some instances then this sort of leisure riding requires a tire with good rolling resistance. A 28-33c width will be ideal, and puncture protection is a must with it. Kenda Small Block tire falls in the category where it works well on smooth terrains along with a little off-road use.

Choosing the Right Tire:


General Features of Tires

tire diagram

Other than the types there are some general tire features which will determine the kind of tire you opt for. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car tire or a bike tire, they all have the same basic features as below:


This is the material of the tire. Tire compounds are usually differentiated in terms of color key. Some will ensure a good grip. Others will provide faster speeds. Tires which are hard will surely move fast but will wear out quickly too. For example, when you buy new bikes you will find that the tire compounds are hard.


This feature affects the ride of the bike. Sidewalls with thicker tires will be more resistant to punctures, but at the same time, they will be heavy too. This will affect the speed of the bike. Gum wall and skin wall are two types of tires with sidewalls. Gum wall tires have sidewalls made of rubber whereas skin wall is the type in which least quantity of rubber is used.


As we have already discussed that wide tires provide better grip since the area of contact is more. They may be heavy in weight, but the puncture resistance is also more with wide tires. When tires are wide, it is important that the rim on which it is run should also be wide enough. A 17 to 19 mm wide rim will be perfect for tires of width 2.25 inch or less.


Tubeless tires do not have inner tubes and with small amount of sealant they work pretty well against punctures. Having tubeless tires benefits in a way that it reduces the weight of tires and thus increases speed. In comparison to tubeless tires, tubed tires may be preferred because they are simple to handle and in case of any failure the inner tube can be replaced and repaired.


Treads are the patterns on tires. These patterns aren’t just there for mere aesthetics, but in fact, the different patterns lead to different grips and speeds. Having smooth tires without any major pattern is fit for plain and smooth roads, mainly for road bikes and comfort bikes. Mountain bikes, for instance, have tires with a knobby textured pattern.


Whatever your bike type may be, it is important that you choose the right tire because it is you who only knows where you plan to mostly ride. If you want that your money isn’t wasted in getting them replaced or fixed every now and then it is important that you choose exactly the perfect type for your traveling.

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