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Best Hybrid Road Bikes

Hybrid bike is the new trend  these days. So what actually are hybrid road bikes and why would people want to ride one? A hybrid bike goes literally with its name; it takes characteristics from different bikes and amalgamates into one fast, comfortable and sturdy design.

Road bikes, mountain and touring bikes are the three main bikes from which a hybrid bike is inspired. A hybrid road bike is that bike which takes most of its salient features from a road bike.

Some of those features are mainly lighter rims so that the rider is able to speed up without having to carry the heavy weight of frame. It will have a flat bar handle bar so that rider stays in the upright position all throughout the ride. Gearing is big which again speeds up the riding.

Hybrid road bikes are aimed at smooth and fast rides mostly on rough terrains. The tires, compared to road bikes are wide, of sizes between 28 and 42mm so that a good level of grip is maintained.

Choosing Hybrid Road Bike

So how will you choose from the great variety of hybrid road bikes that are out there manufactured by renowned brands? For that you will have scrutinize the features and then decide which combination of components satisfy your requirements the most.

One can look for gears, tire, frame, materials, handlebars and saddle/seat. Many of these hybrid bakes may seem similar to some extent but when you go into detail you will eventually find out that every bike has a unique feature.  We have chosen some famous bikes and their detailed descriptions will help you decide which bike to buy.

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List of Best Hybrid Road Bikes

We have mentioned several times that hybrid bikes is a very loose term. It can encompass several different types of bikes. Similarly, so is the term hybrid road bike. There are many different types of hybrid road bikes.

Here are some of the few that you can check out.

Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike 24 Speed Shimano Road Bike 700c

Hybrid Road bikes

One of the best hybrid road bikes. This high-performance hybrid road bike by Vilano comes at a price of $229. It has the usual 700 cc wheels that are mostly used in hybrid bikes, these tires are wide in size and therefore have a good grip on the ground.

The frame is made from 6061 aluminum which is a good material quality. The brake kind is the cantilever V pull brakes. As a result of the drop handlebars, riders are able to maintain a more upright position which is more comfortable.

These were the main specifications of the bike, other than this rest of the components are the usual ones. When one buys the package, free pedals come along with the bike.

Not much people have had the chance to use and share their reviews but those who did were satisfied and gave full 5 star review. They liked how the frame weighed light but even then the quality wasn’t compromised.

However, as it came out of the package it took them a few days to fine tune and get it going smooth, but this wasn’t much of a problem as this was a common condition with all other bikes. It is an obvious thing that when a new product comes, in this case, a bike, it takes a few days for the rider to get used to the dynamics of it.


Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike

hybrid road bike

Schwinn is a renowned brand when it comes to buying bicycles and has been dealing with this niche for quite a long now. Their new men’s Volare hybrid road bike comes at a price of $242. The frame is built of high-quality aluminum.

It has the Shimano rear derailleur in which gear shifting is very easy and hardly takes any time. Both, the linear pull brakes and wheels, are made of alloy, and the wheels have high profile rims for better functioning.

The bike is versatile, lightweight and will be perfect for riding on rocky roads. Since it is a hybrid road bike, it will provide a lot of comfort to the rider as well.

A big attraction to the bike is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, so not to worry if the chains break or stop working, Schwinn will fix it for you. Among the people who bought and used it, many were happy though few had some complaints.  Brakes, wheels, and tires were all fantastic. The gear shifting was very smooth.

A lot of people found it aesthetically attractive and said that it had more to offer to them than what was expected. No one would mind if a pretty bike is in their garage and they get compliments for it.

The annoying thing was the seat which was very hard and after few minutes of riding, they started feeling uncomfortable. Other than this, if riders replace the seat, the bike is a good product which is why 61 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


Giordano RS700 Hybrid Road Bike

best hybrid road bike

Giordano’s new hybrid comes at a price of $249. It has the 700 c wheels and an aluminum frame.  The flat bar handles are good as they have a strong grip. Riders with a height between 5.9” and 6.2” can easily sit on it and ride comfortably.

The gear has the option of 21 speeds and belongs to the Shimano brand.  Customers who used the bike said that the overall look was very nice, gear shifting was good as well and they were able to ride it well without the bike making any weird noises.

The assembling of the bike was easy and didn’t take much of their time. The package, however, should have come with some additional tools to help them.

On another drawback side, a major flaw was the squeaking of the brakes. This really annoyed riders and it usually gets their attention off of the enjoyment. Pedal clearance was another big issue due to which riders weren’t able to make smooth turns.

Lastly, the seat was also not that comfortable and could have definitely used some additional padding; with that added cushion, riding for long time intervals becomes easy.

The response for customers want quite good and they said that the bike was only good for showing it off. All in all only 31 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.


700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike, Dark Blue

best hybrid road bikes

Road master’s affordable hybrid comes at a price of $122.7 only. The alloy wheels of this bike are of good quality and therefore are durable; moreover riding on this bike becomes easier with a better control over it. It has both front and rear handbrakes, thus ensuring a more secure ride.

It has a wide gear range offering multiple speed options. Riders who have a height between 5.4” and 6.2” can easily ride this bike. The bike is perfect if you want to have adventures every day and offers versatility in its functions. It is both attractive and will provide you comfort while riding, irrespective of the distance that you are traveling for.

Customers were really happy because of the variety of options they were getting at such low price. The assembly process was quick, and with the additional tools became even easier.

The rims were perfect and the shifting between gears was effortless and smooth. What they thought could have been improved were the tires, they could have used some heavy duty material.

The chain of the bike doesn’t work well when the bike is going with speed and then comes off. All in all 35 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review, this figure was a little low when comparing it with the low price that was given.


Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Clarity 1 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike

road hybird bike

This hybrid road bike designed especially for women comes at a price of $476. The price is definitely high but it is because of the complete set of operations it offers. Diamondback has been really successful with their clarity series and this too is not behind in any way.

At first, the price may seem high but when people compared it to other models of the same kind, they found it reasonable. Customers loved the height and weight of the bike and how it perfectly fit them like even short height people were able to use it perfectly.

It looks pretty attractive and the speed is fast yet manageable. The assembly was easy and didn’t require much time. Few problems that customers faced were with the broken brakes and bent wheels in some packages.

The height of the seat too was a little difficult to adjust and they had to cut off some inches off the post to perfect it. Overall the bike was comfortable to ride on, many of the customers even got compliments from professional bikers and about 59 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.



These were the main hybrid road bikes that are out for purchase. These bikes will be perfect for you if you want to enjoy a long trip and are also in for some adventures. With their comfortable seating, multiple gear options, and secure break system, you will be fully satisfied.

Hybrid road bikes do not have the front suspension or vast gears of a mountain bike, but they are designed for speed and commuting fast on city roads.