Best Hybrid Bikes with Baskets

Hybrid Bikes with BasketsHybrid bikes with baskets are quite popular. Cycling enthusiasts who want to make their leisure activity a bit more productive will definitely find these bikes to their interest.

Not only do baskets make your bikes more productive, they also add an aesthetic appeal to it.

You will notice that most of the hybrid bikes with baskets borrow their frame design from cruiser bikes. You will also note that most of the hybrid bikes with baskets are available in female frame geometry.

Let us talk about them a bit now. This list was updated on March 2017.

Hybrid Bikes With Baskets?

Although any hybrid bike can be fitted with a basket, some already come with the convenience of basket installed.

The basket not only adds a cute touch to the bike, it’s utility cannot be understated. With a basket, you can turn a rather bland bike into a means of utility transportation. You can carry your books, your materials or your groceries.

It can save you from wearing a backpack which ultimately puts the burden of the weight on you. It can save you from hanging too many grocery bags on the handles should you ever go to a local store. You can take these bikes to your school or college.

As mentioned earlier, most of the hybrid bikes with baskets have the cruiser bike style. However, should you ever need, you can install a dedicated basket on a city, comfort or trekking hybrid bike anyways.

To learn more about the types of accessories that you can install, read here.

Best Hybrid Bikes With Baskets Reviews

Let us have a look at some of the decent and affordable hybrid bikes with baskets available in the market.

These are quite budget-friendly so anybody should be able to afford. At the same time, they have also received great customers reviews.

1. Gama Bikes Women’s City Avenue Step-Thru

best hybrid bikes with baskets

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Try not to give the name a chance to trick you, this is not an “essential” bicycle.

Exemplary lines, intense hues, and six simple riggings to get you where you should be.

Call it a half cruiser bike and half hybrid bicycle, suburbanite bicycle, urban bicycle, or a shoreline cruiser.

This not your normal, modest bicycle. It is the amalgamation of best of two worlds. It has the riding and comfort factor of a cruiser bike and it has the wheels and geometry that you would expect in a hybrid bike.

The only relative drawback of this bike is that saddle does not have suspension or springs. It is a classic saddle and therefore less comfortable as compared to those on conventional cruiser bikes.

Additionally, this bicycle is outfitted with a good set of accessories. Along with the basket, this bike has fenders and a beautiful chain guard.

It also a rear rack that further enhances utility. You also get a vintage bell to add to the value of the bike.

Specs at a glance: Steel Frame, Hand Brakes, 7 Speed, Classic Saddle, 700c wheel


  • Offers retro look with a bell that comes pre-installed
  • Comes equipped with fenders and chain guard.
  • Availabe in several different colors


  • Heavy steel frame
  • Not built for off-roading
  • There is no male-variant model availabe.
  • The saddle is not comfort type i.e it does not have springs.

best hybrid bikes with baskets

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2. Schwinn Women’s Scenic

hybrid bike with basket

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This hybird bike with baskets has got to be the most beautiful bike in this and if not the most beautiful affordable bike there is.

If the great combination of blue with white hasn’t sold you already, then the comfort and features it offers will surely seal the deal.

This bike is what is known as a Dutch Bicycle. It is just a fancy term for a specific style of bikes.

Raining outside and thinking to enjoy rain with a bike ride? Well, Schwinn Women’s Scenic is surely the best choice for enjoying a raining day.

The full wrap fenders protect you from the wet road grime, helping in maintaining the road grip on a wet rainy day. Th Dutch full wrap chain guard and rare foot brake

The Dutch full wrap chain guard and rare foot brake imply that you are getting a very unique bike.

Furthermore, if you are thinking to go for grocery shopping you can quickly remove the front basket and replace it with removable bag.

Specs at a glance: Steel Frame, Coaster Brakes, Single Speed, Classic Saddle, 700c wheel


  • Dutch style look makes it a very unique and beautiful bike.
  • Comes with a full set of fenders and dutch style fully covered chain guard,
  • The front basket has a removable bag that can be used for shopping


  • Offers only single speed. Therefore, it is not suited for traveling fast or for negotiating hills.
  • It is not available in men’s geometry

hybrid bike with basket

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3. Schwinn Men’s Scenic

hybrid bike

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This is the men’s version of Schwinn Scenic and although it does not have a front basket, it does have a front rack.

It has almost the same features as the Women’s Schwinn Scenic above; however. it differs primarily in color and the geometry of the bike.

It is basically an affordable hybrid bike with a simple single speed configuration. Lesser parts mean lower maintenance.

It is also a Dutch Styled hybrid bike so it has a fully covered Dutch style chain guard.

The front rack is placed especially for storage. It has a different utility as compared to baskets. However, should you wish, you can install a standalone basket on it.

Since this is a single speed bike, it has coaster brakes. In the end what you get is a bike that no cables running around.

Specs at a glance: Steel Frame, Coaster Brakes, Single Speed, Classic Saddle, 700c wheel


  • Dutch style look makes it a very unique and beautiful bike.
  • Comes with a full set of fenders and dutch style fully covered chain guard,
  • The front rack is excellent for storage.


  • Offers only single speed. Therefore, it is not suited for traveling fast or for negotiating hills.

hybrid bike

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4. XDS Nadine – 7 Speed

comfort bike with basket

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Love Speeding? Well, this one is for you.

XDS Nadine is an aluminum comfort bike with a good set of accessories for productivity.

This is the bike that combines style with substance. For starters, it is a 7 speed bike. Therefore, you should be able to achieve decent speeds and negotiate steep climbs.

Secondly, this bike offers a full set of accessories including fenders, chain guard, a basket, a rear rack and even a retro leather pouch fitted at the back of the bike.

You are getting more than what you are paying for here.

The strong double alloy rims, soft comfort saddle and grips and lightweight alloy frame all defines a perfect combination for a rider to enjoy his ride. It also has a quick release on the both front and the rare wheels.

Specs at a glance: Aluminum Frame, Hand Brakes, 7 Speed, Classic Saddle, 700c wheel


  • Comfort bike designed with a lot of accessories.
  • Comes with a full set of fenders and also a leather pouch.


  • Only available in 7 speed configuration.
  • Does not have comfort saddle

comfort bike with basket

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Standalone Baskets for Hybrid Bikes


You don’t particularly have to get a hybrid bike with baskets. You can install stand alone baskets on any bike of your choosing.

This gives you a lot more flexibility of choice. Here are a few.

bike basket

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Retrospec Bicycles Apollo Bike Basket

yellow cruiser bike basket

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Bria Yellow Basket

bike basket

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Pure Fix Rubber Handlebar Grip

Why should you consider taking up cycling?

The benefits of cycling are well known.

Cycling not only builds stamina it helps in increasing the vitality of a person too. Half an hour of cycling can go a long way in encouraging good health.

It helps in better circulation of blood that helps to wash away all the toxins from a human body; it even promotes creation of new nerve cells.

The best thing about cycling is that you can carry out your daily chores while excercising at the same time. So if you take your bicycle to the school or work, you will be hitting two birds with one stone.

Cycling can lift your state of mind, diminish anxiety, increase stress resistance, and even oust the blues.

Cycling with a pace of 10 mph burns 260 calories in about an hour. If you are on the obese levels, you will be burning even more.

Cycling practices the muscles in the front of the thighs and the bum. So it not only promotes muscle building but can also help tone your body up.

Las, but certainly not least, cycling is a naturally well disposed method of transportation, since it decreases pollution in our neighborhood and diminishes the emition of greenhouse gasses.

So you are not only helping yourself, but also helping your neighborhoods’ well being.

A note on Hybid Bikes

Normally, hybrid bikes are a belnd of a road bike and a mountain bike. So basically you get a bike that features the 700c wheel of a road bike, but the upright handlebars of a mountain bike.

However, hybrid bikes are not just limited to that as they can combine the elements of any bike.

The hybrid bikes with baskets for example, combine the elements of mountain bike, road bike, as well as cruiser bikes.

There are even other types of hybrid bikes that combine the elements of trekking bikes as well.

Therefore, hybrid bikes is a loose term generally used to define a wide array of cycles that two central features: upright riding and 700c wheels. You can learn more about best hybrid bikes here.

Should you get specialized bikes or hybrids?

Unless you do specialized sports like riding off-road or racing, purchasing a hybrid is more conveneint.

This way you are getting something that is known to combine the best elements of several bike types. They are excellent for casual riders.


Hybrid bikes with baskets are not something unique. The fact is you can get a standalone basket and put it on any hybrid bike that you like.

The bottom line is that baskets not only add to the aesthetics of the hybrid bike, they are also an essential utility component. You can use these baskets for accessories, books or groceries.

So the next time you go out on a leisure ride on your hybrid bike with basket, you can stop at your local grocery store too.

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