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Best Beach Cruiser Accessories

Beach cruiser accessories are an essential requirement. Bicycles are now much more than just a simple mode of transportation. Speaking from the health point of view or just the general usage of it, bikes will be found everywhere. It is the best way to exercise because it involves a good workout of below the belt body.

At the same time, it is a fun way to do house chores and other important work. Cruiser bikes, specifically, have been in the limelight for a while now. Reason being, the versatility one gets from buying it. Cruiser bikes are also sometimes referred to as “beach” cruiser. So what are really these bikes? These are simple bikes with simple features which make it ideal for casual and safe riding.

They work best on paved roads, for both long and short distances. The bike, however, is not for intense uphill riding as it does not have those specific brakes and gear system. The brake and gear system installed in cruiser bikes is to only support casual riding. To some extent, the bike’s functionality is similar to that of a road bike.

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List of Best Beach Cruiser Accessories

Like every other bike, cruiser bikes too have certain accessories that go with it and people prefer to buy. These accessories are there to give more ease to the user and at the same time enhance the overall look of the bike.

Below are mentions of some of the most common found accessories and their many sub types too.

Bicycle Rack

cruiser bike rackWhether you use your cruiser bike for daily casual rides, work or leisure; carrying essentials is a must. In any of the cases, you’ll need somewhere to put your bags or whatever it is that you are carrying. For this very reason, racks come in as a great help. There are two types of racks; front and rear.


Rear racks can easily carry weight from 20 to 50 pounds which is perfect. If, however, you want a heavy duty then that would be able to support weight up to 80 pounds. Since these racks are situated at the back of your bike, it provides a stable framework to hold gear on your bike. People can simply put their belongings and strap it or cover it with a sheet in case of bad weather.


Front racks are basically an addition to rear racks and will only be attached when the extra need arises. One needs to think before attaching one because it will ultimately affect the bike’s steering and put weight on the from wheel. In this category, there are further two types. A standard rack increases the gear capacity because it allows the weight to be carried above the feel as well as on the sides. Low rider rack, on the other hand, carries weight only on the sides.


best beach cruiser accessories

One of the most bought beach cruiser accessories. Baskets are usually attached to the front side of the bike. These baskets cannot be compared to racks and panniers because its capacity is only for lightweight things. Baskets are not only useful but also look good. There are different kinds of bikes made for both males and females. Ranging from straw to metal baskets all can be of great use. In fact, for many users baskets are a better option than racks.

Reason being, baskets are more versatile and can be used for short trips. Talking about specifically cruiser bikes, since they are usually meant for shorter distances baskets would be a better option. Outlook is surely a big thing but when it comes to choosing an accessory, it is advisable to go for one that is strong and durable.

In this case, metal baskets are ideal. They come in different shapes and mounting options. They come with bolts and nuts that the user can use to easily secure the basket in front. Baskets are usually hung off the handlebars or attached to the front fork. Either way, they remain intact and can be used for tall loads since it doesn’t have a lid.


cruiser bike panniersIn simple words, panniers are bags which are specially designed to be put on the rear racks. They are available in different sizes and are good enough to carry anything ranging from laptops to just fresh food groceries. They are best for everyday essentials and even more useful on camping days. It is very easy to put them on the racks and can also be disconnected easily to be taken along.

It is, however, extremely important that before buying you decide what exactly you have to carry in it. The reason is that depending on different uses, the cost and features of the pannier varies. Then there are also panniers that can easily be converted to shoulder bags and therefore easily carried. Arkel is a renowned brand for panniers and is known for their high quality products.

Pannier backpacks are also another type of panniers that provide more ease and with the help of a Cam lock can be easily mounted on the rear rack when needed. Banjo Brothers, WOHO Ninja Ninja and North St Wood forward are other famous brands known for their panniers. Other types for panniers that are not that common but still are being used are Grocery and Classic panniers.

Bicycle Lighting

One of the most important beach cruiser accessories. These are basically the headlamps attached to the bike to improve visibility at night. Majority of the lighting is done at the front and very few get attached at back. LED light which until now were being used only for rear ends are now being used for the front as well.

LED lights have a high luminous effect and also have a greater battery life. Then there are also flashlights, but these are not that common to be used in bicycles. What increases their worth is that they are portable and can be used as a flashlight off the bike. Halogen lights are another type which is rechargeable. These lights have a high power output and are reliable. The lamps which are attached inside are easy to find and don’t even cost that much.

For rear lighting, filament lamps, LED and Xenon strobes are used. One interesting system of lighting is the Dynamo lights. These require no batteries and are attached to the wheel hubs which power it as the cycle moves. At high speeds, however, the lighting system can overpower and therefore fail. Dynamo lights are environment friendly but still have not become that common as yet.

Bike Horns

Horns are like a must in every mode of transportation because they are the only means through which you can alert the other person. For bicycles too there are small horns that can be attached to the front handlebar and then used easily.

The most common type of these horns is the flugel bike horn. They come in different color and sizes. Mostly prefer having a small-sized horn because in any way the sound will be the same. Sunlite squeeze horn and Sunlite trumpet are other famous horns for cruiser bikes. Even apart from these usual horns, tiny bells can also be attached if needed.


Fenders are usually added to cruiser bikes but still, some are there without them. Fenders are available in both steel and alloy. They basically are attached to the front and back wheel both. They protect the rider’s clothes, specifically pants, from unwanted water splashes in bad weather. Ladies most commonly demand fenders for their cruiser bikes and therefore get them attached if not already present.


If you want to stay safe, this is the beach cruiser accessory to go for. Safety should be the foremost concern in any activity. Same goes for cruiser riding, it is extremely important that riders should buy their respective head helmets before buying any other accessory. Helmets are designed separately for women and men.

Not just the color differs, but the inside design also differs. While wearing a helmet even if the rider falls off, the physical injury is minimized. There are multiple types, each catering to respective user requirements. There are shock detector helmets for the more intense rider. For girls and even boys who will be using the bike mostly for fun, for them, helmets are kept simple yet secure.

Leather Grips

Handlebars are situated at a height which maintains an upright riding position throughout. Holding these handlebars for prolonged hours can be tiring and at the same time causes the hand to slip off due to sweat.

These leather grips have now become so common that every other cruiser bikes have it attached beforehand. Sixthreezero has manufactured brown leather grip that speaks for its class and functionality. The grips therefore ultimately help to achieve a good grip on bike’s steering.

Bike Cover

People usually place their bikes in garages where they are safe from bad weather conditions. Still, some people don’t have much space to place those bikes and therefore have to be parked out. This one of the most overlooked beach cruiser accessories. It can extend the lifespan of your bike.

For these situations, bicycle covers have been made to fully protect the bike. The bike covers mostly come in the color black but for younger users, different attractive colors are also available. The Sunlite brand is one famous for making bike covers too.

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