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Cheap Hybrid Bikes | Budget Hybrid Bikes

cheap hybrid bikesEverybody wants to get a hybrid bike but most are expensive. Fortunately, there are cheap hybrid bikes that people with a tight budget can afford.

Since these bikes are quite affordable, they are perfect for beginners. These bikes are basically great quality bikes but they have minimal features.

Most of the features that are used in high-end hybrid bikes are for professionals. Therefore, if you do not yet quite get the nuances of riding a bike, then chances are that even an affordable hybrid bike will do just great for you.

Cheap Hybrid Bikes are Perfect for Leisure

No one likes to spend a fortune on something that they would use for leisure activities. Likewise, unless you are a professional, you wouldn’t benefit too much from a high-end hybrid bike. In fact, if you are a professional rider, I wouldn’t even recommend that you read on.

Plus, affordable prices encourage more people to opt for this healthy form of entertainment. Having hybrid bikes in cheaper price ranges means one wouldn’t have to think twice about trying out something new that encourages positive health.

Fortunately, most of the big brands like Northwoods, Shimano, and Roadmaster, build cheap hybrid bikes.


What is Considered a Cheap Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes can range drastically in their price ranges. You can find hybrid bikes that are just a couple of hundred dollars. On the other hand, you can find hybrid bikes that are worth thousands of dollars.

Our aim here is to talk about only the cheap hybrid bikes. These are budget friendly and highly sought after hybrid bicycles for beginners.

A budget hybrid bike for us is a bike that is about $200 or less. There can be a few exceptions depending on the performance/value and quality of the bicycle.

These are the bikes that you can buy right now without thinking too much about the dent it would put in your pocket. You will also note that most of these cheap hybrid bikes are discounted bikes. Their actual list price could be 50% more.

What Not To Expect?

Look, the bottom line and the fact of the matter is that you get what you pay for. Therefore, when purchasing these bikes, do not expect miracles in performance.

They are not they hybrid bikes that are feature-laden. These are not the ones that you can take off-roading too easily and these are certainly not the ones that would want to race with.

The price of the bikes is generally determined by four important aspects: brand, material, components, and even customization. Cheap hybrid bikes do not hold a premium brand name, high-end carbon fiber material, high-performance components, or customized lightweight paint.

Cheap hybrid bikes do not hold a premium brand name, high-end carbon fiber material, high-performance components, or customized lightweight paint. More on this below.

Best Cheap Hybrid Bikes

As mentioned earlier, any bike that is less than or equal to $200 is considered a budget bike.

You may check out the following too:

There can be very cheap hybrid bikes out there; however, if you are seeking to buy from a respectable brand, you need to have at least this budget.

This is to save you from any major quality issues.

Without further ado, let us now talk about some of the favorite cheap hybrid bikes out there. These are an excellent choice for beginners who want to test waters with hybrid bikes.

1. Vilano Diverse 1.0 Performance Hybrid Bike – Best Men’s Hybrid Bike

hybrid bikes under 200

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Choosing a bike if you are a beginner can be a difficult choice. Fortunately, you have this bike in the market.

It is a very modern looking cheap hybrid bike and can even compete with some of the more expensive brands out there in terms of its looks.

If you are a getting a bike for leisure or exercising, you will really enjoy it. Its sporty look along with a comfortable upright posture makes it a true hybrid bike.

Although it does not come pre-installed with fenders or racks, you can most certainly do so yourself.

The bike offers the Shimano REVO twister for gear shifting.

This is not one of those retro-style hybrid bike. It is a performance hybrid that is capable of covering a fair distance.

Specs at a glance: Aluminum, Linear Pull V-Brake, 21 Shimano REVO Twister, 700 C Wheels


  • Modern looks. Suitable for speed
  • REVO Shifters improve performance
  • 21 speeds gears.


  • Does not have fenders or racks.
  • Not available in Women’s design.
  • The bike does not come with suspensions

hybrid bikes under 200

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2. Critical Cycles Beaumont City Commuter Bike – Retro-Inspired


If you have a taste for retro-styled hybrid bikes, then this is one of the cheapest that you can get in the market.

Riding bike is all about the style. If you believe your style is more suited for a retro bike, then why not get a cheap hybrid bike?

You can get this bike in both women’s and men’s frame.

Note that the model name for Men’s 7-speed bike is called Beaumont Diamond; whereas, the Women’s 7-speed bike is called Beaumont Step-Thru.

Given that they these bikes have fenders and racks, makes them a great city bike. However, one thing that disables them from being one completely is the lack of suspension.

Both women’s and men’s variant are similar in essence. The only difference lies in the size and geometry of the frame.

Specs at a glance: Steel, Alloy Dual Caliper Brake, 7 Speed Shimano REVO Twister, 700 C Wheels


  • Perfect for urban commuting with a decent set of gears, fenders, and rack.
  • Shimano REVO Shifters makes changing gears easy.


  • Does not have suspension.
  • Does not have the capacity for off-roading.
  • This is a pretty heavy bike. Not for the off-roading type.

3. Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle

This one of the hybird bikes that is towards the higher end spectrum of the $200 limit.

However, this is a commuter bike and offers great features for casual riders.

For starters, it has some of the best looks as it combines modern with retro style.

Both men and the women versions of the bike have front and back wheel fenders. Unfortunately, they both miss out on the chain guard. Therefore, be careful when wearing a long and loose dress.

Furthermore, they have a rear rack which can be used for another passenger or for carrying stuff.

One of the greatest attraction of this bike are the core features. It is made out of lightweight aluminum, has a front suspension fork and offers 21-speed.

Specs at a glance: Aluminium, linear pull brakes, 21 Speed Shimano Tourney, 700 C Wheels, Front Suspension Fork


  • The front suspension along with a lightweight aluminium frame makes it a joy to ride.
  • Features fenders and a rack.
  • Has a fusion of modern and retro looks.


  • Misses out on chain guard
  • A suspension seat disables this bike from being the ultimate budget comfort bike.
  • Do not have color choices.

4. Roadmaster Adventures Hybrid Bike – Cheapest bike in the List

If you are looking for the cheapest hybrid bike that you can buy in the market, this is it.

It does not get any more affordable than this bike. This budget-friendly bike is best you can get that still maintains a good quality build and a respectable brand name.

The men’s variant costs less than $100. In terms of features, it has all the bells and whistles to make it the perfect hybrid bike.

The women’s variant also has all of the similar features but costs a bit more.

It has a 7-speed twist shifter, an upright handle, and 700C wheels. These are three essential features of a hybrid bike.

It is tough to highlight any drawbacks for a price that costs so low. The only relative drawback is that you may have to take it a shop for tuning it up.


The bottom line is that this is a highly generic hybrid bike. If you are getting it in hopes of finding miracles in performance, just do not!

Specs at a glance: Steel, 7 speed, Twist Shifter, 700 C Wheels


  • As cheap as it gets; hybrid bike under 100
  • Offers all the essetial features that makes a hybrid bike.


  • May have to visit a bike shop to tune it up.
  • Offers only 7 speeds gears; this is lacking for a performance hybrid bike.

5. Diamondback Vital 1 Comfort Bike – Best Choice for Women

best hybrid bikes under 200

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If you are looking for a women’s cheap hybrid bike that has great performance, then you will not be disappointed by this bike.

Although it is a hybrid bike in essence. it seems to take its inspiration not from road bike or a mountain bike, but from a cruiser bike.

This is a bike that you would want to take for a spin around in your neighborhood or around a long stretch of a beachside.

Just as cruiser bikes are designed for comfort, so is this bike. It is for this reasons that this type of hybrid bike is called a comfort bike.

It not only has front suspension, but also a comfortable seat with suspension. So even the seat absorbs the shocks from the bumps.

If you are looking for ultimate comfort at cheap, I highly recommend this hybrid bike.

Specs at a glance: Steel Frame, 50 mm Suspension, 7 Speed Twist Shifter Shimano, 700C Wheels


  • Offers suspension at a very low price.
  • Suspension seat post adds to the comfort of this bike
  • The 7 speeds gears should be able to help you with climbs


  • May require you to see a specialist to assemble the bike
  • Not available in Men’s design.

best hybrid bikes under 200

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Difference Between an Expensive and a Cheap Hybrid Bike

There are four common factors that determine the price of a bicycle: brand, materials, components, and customization.


Just like with anything out there, a premium brand name can make a significant difference in the price.

It is for this reasons that you will never find bikes like Giant or Trek have hybrids bikes under $200.

It is possible that just their brand name would cost that much to have on a bicycle.


The higher the quality of the material, the more expensive is the bike. This makes sense and paying for a high-quality material is also justifiable.

For example, carbon fiber is one of the highest quality material that you can get for bicycles.

However, even carbon fiber has its types. The lighter, durable, stronger a material is, the more expensive it is.

Steel is the cheapest since it is the heaviest.


The higher the quality of the component or the more specialized the components of the bike, the more expensive it is.

They not only add the aesthetics to the bike but are also proportional to the performance.

Seats, handlebars, pedals, grips, chains, brakes, tires, fenders, shifters etc. are some of the components that have specialized variants. For example, you can get clipless pedals or noseless seats with suspension.


This is the aspect that only makes sense if you are a highly professional rider.

These are the things that give you an edge over the others. It is not just limited to installing a rack or basket in front but goes far beyond that.

For example, the type of paint job can also determine the price of the bike. The lighter the paint, the more expensive the bike because lighter paint means lighter bike, which in turn results in speed.

Starting Price for a Hybrid Bike

If you simply define a hybrid bike as having 700c road bike wheels and an upright handlebar like a mountain bike, then you can get it an average price tag of $150.

The lowest possible, for example in our list, can be had for a $100.

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