Hybrid Bikes vs Mountain Bikes | Comparison

Hybrid Bikes vs Mountain Bikes is a hot topic. This is mostly because sometimes the difference between the two is very slim. Nowadays, many kinds of bicycle designs are on the market. The famous of these include the mountain bikes (or MTBs), road bikes and hybrid bikes.

Road bikes are the ones with dropped handles but what are the differences between the other two bike types. Do they also have anything in common?

Sure, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes look somewhat the same, but do they have a particular purpose that they serve? Let’s have an overview of mountain bikes as well as hybrid bikes.

You can learn more about hybrid bikes here:

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Mountain Bikes

Why choose between the two when you can have both in one? The thing is hybrid bike is a very loose term. You can find some hybrid bikes that are more inclined toward one natural style over another.

Fortunately, you can find Hybrid Mountain Bikes that are essentially mountain bikes but combine the element of road bikes. Check them out here:

Hybrid Mountain Bikes

Hybrid Bikes vs Mountain Bikes Comparison

Without further ado, let us compare hybrid bikes with mountain bikes. If you are remotely into bikes, you would already know that hybrid bikes are a mix of mountain bikes and road bikes. There are bound to be similarities between the two bikes. What are the differences between the two? Let us find out.

Hybrid Bikes

In the first part of this Hybrid Bikes vs Mountain Bikes let us talk about the highly trending hybrid bikes.

hybrid bikes vs mountain bikes

Hybrid bikes are somewhat of a very broad category. These can be enjoyed on paved road ride as well as off-road occasionally. It is a general purpose bike and combines the best characteristics of road bikes as well as mountain bikes to give the rider a balanced bike that can perform well in all sorts of conditions.


Hybrid bikes borrow the flat handlebars and the upright seating from the mountain bikes. Some of these also have a suspension like an MTB. The features these bikes borrow from the sportier road bikes are the light weight, thin wheels, and sleeker tires so that the riders can enjoy the paved asphalt roads and speed up if they want. Some models also contain racks to carry small luggage.

Hybrid bikes are subdivided into different categories. Some of them are more suited to the city riding while others tend to favor the harsh off-road regions. Here are some of the most common types of hybrid bikes:

Hybrid Bike Example
Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

best hybrid bike


City Bikes

hybrid city bikeThis category contains bicycles that feature a lightweight road bike frame while still having the mountain bike gears and sturdiness. These are for people who have to ride in the city every day. These bikes are stronger than regular road bikes. They can take the extra beating, handle potholes quite well and can withstand harsh gravel.

Cross Bikes

These tend to be more on the off-roading side. These have a sturdy construction, wider tires than regular road bikes, and are well suited for climbs. These are specifically designed for adventurers who use the bike on all kinds of surfaces.


Although this design has become somewhat non-existent in the western world, it is still widely manufactured in Asian markets. These are made especially for extended, comfortable commutes. These contain curved handlebars for speed. This design is being phased out a by a more modern design called the comfort bike.

Mountain Bikes

Let us now have a look at the second part of this Hybrid Bikes vs Mountain Bikes comparison: the highly successful mountain bikes.

mountain bikes

I am sure you must have all heard of mountain bikes. It is the default choice for many out there. It functions best for off-roading and cross-country racing as it has all the bells and whistles required to handle such a harsh and unforgiving environment.

These can also be used for urban commute albeit with a little tweaking such as installing sleeker tires. So, in a way it mountain bikes are for those looking for thrill and excitement in their life.


Mountain bikes usually contain durable wheels, large tires, lower gear ratios, robust gears and brakes, and suspension. These unique features are added to aid the rider in riding on rough terrain and climbing steeper surfaces.

Also, there aren’t any specified rules on how to distinguish a mountain bikes from other bikes so you may find some mountain bikes that don’t have some of the features mentioned above. The frame may be rigid, containing no suspension, hard tail having only front suspension, a dual suspension containing suspension on both front and rear of the bike.

The frame can also be soft tailed which is inspired by road bikes and designed to withstand minor bumps. Let’s take a look at some of the common types of mountain bikes:

Cross Country 

These bikes contain extremely lightweight frame and low gear ratios. Since the suspension has short travel, these aren’t meant for riding on extremely rough and harsh terrain. Big wheels such as the 29”ers are popular, and most of the championships nowadays are being won by bikes having large tires.


downhill mountain bikeDownhill bicycles serve only one purpose: going downhill at extremely high speeds without worrying about bumps. This is the reason why they incorporate higher gear ratios, low geometry and a soft suspension with a lot of travel. Most of the bike speed records are held by riders using downhill bikes.

Dirt Jumping

These are some of the most versatile types of mountain bikes and can be used for off-roading as well as for doing stunts and jumps on hard surfaces. These usually don’t have any front brakes installed so that the rider can spin the handle many times without tangling the brake cables.

Wrapping Up

Everyone has different needs. To satisfy those needs manufacturers create many different kinds of products. This is done to fill a market gap. Hybrid bikes tend to fill the gap between mountain and road bikes.

To sum this hybrid bikes vs mountain bikes comparison up, if you commute to work daily to work but also like to go on off-road trips from time to time, then you will be in a better place if you get a hybrid bike. Also, you can choose from the different subcategories of hybrid bikes to suit your needs.

Mountain bike will be a better choice if you travel off-road often. These bikes for adventurers and enthusiasts. Of course, you can also choose from the many different types of moutain bikes out there.

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