Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300 | Affordable Hybrid Bikes

best hybrid bikes under 300The best hybrid bikes under 300 are still within the budget range; however, you can find some pretty sweet deals in this range.

In this list, we will talk about all of the great hybrid bike under $300. This also includes bikes under $200 and $100 range.

Meaning, here we will cover most of the bikes in the budget and affordable price range.

You can also have a look at hybrid bikes under $200 and $500 range.

If you want to go for mid-end hybrid bikes, then you should be looking at $500 price range.

This list is the latest update. However, the price may fluctuate a bit depending on the merchant’s or vendor’s wishes. Also, please check the availability and the delivery schedules before buying.


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Frame Geometry Choice
Frame Material

Schwinn Capitol

Women | Men
Aluminium21-SpeedV Brakes

Giordano RS700

MenAluminium21-SpeedLinear Pull

Kent Avondale

Women | MenAluminium7-SpeedLinear Pull (Sure Stop Brakes)

Schwinn Siro

Women | MenAluminium 21-SpeedV Brakes

Diamondback Vital

WomenSteel7-SpeedLinear Pull

Schwinn Wayfare

Women | MenSteel7-SpeedLinear Pull

Vilano Diverse 3.0

MenAluminium21-SpeedV Brake

Critical Cycles Beaumont-7

Women | MenSteel7-SpeedDual Caliper Brake

Roadmaster Adventures

Women | MenSteel7-SpeedLinear Pull
What to Expect in this Price Range?

Although this is the budget range of hybrid bikes, the best Hybrid Bikes under 300 are for casual riders who have experience with riding bikes and who have just started to understand the nuances of cycling.

These hybrid bikes aren’t loaded with features. They have just the right type of specs to give you a good overall experience.

Are these Bikes Worth it?

Absolutely! some of the bikes that you can find under $300 are highly specialized. You can find hybrid sports bikes, performance bikes, city bikes etc.

The choice starts to get narrower once you go below the $300 range. For example, the choices in this range are far more diverse as compared to the choices under $200.

As mentioned earlier, these aren’t the best, but if you are slightly serious about getting a quality ride, then this is the minimum you should settle for.

Which Brands offer Hybrid Bikes Under $300?

Except for top names like Giant or Trek, most of the brands have their presence in this price range.

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300 Reviews

This is not an ordered list. However, most of the bikes listed here have one or two distinct aspects that separate them from the rest.

1. Schwinn Capitol Hybrid Bicycle – Packed With Features – Our Recommendation

This is where things start to get really interesting for the best hybrid bikes under $300.

For starters, this is a bike by Schwinn. I think Schwinn is the only high-end brand that has understood the true meaning of catering for the budget-oriented customers. Their quality is second to none.

The Schwinn Capitol is packed with features. For starters. this bike has the road bike form factor. So, this is a road bike hybrid.

Secondly, it is also designed to go off-roading. It features suspension fork that can absorb shocks and a 21 speed. It uses Shimano EZ-Fire Shifters for changing the gear with just a flick.

The bike uses an aluminum frame instead of the steel frame that is common with cheaper hybrid bikes.

Given all this, we would say that this bike should be high on your list.

Specs at a glance: Aluminum Frame, V Brakes, 21 Speed EZ-Fire Shifter Shimano, Suspension Fork, 700c Wheels


  • Road Bike Hybrid designed for off-roading also in mind.
  • Designed for speed with 21- gears and EZ-Shifter


  • Women’s model is expensive.
  • Does not offer fenders. Therefore, it is not an all weather bike.

2. Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike – Road Bike Hybrid

best hybrid bikes under 300

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So if you are the sporty type but at the same time want to commute mostly on the roads, then this hybrid bike for you.

Giordano RS700 is explicitly designed to be a road bike. However, it does not have the drop bars that you would expect from a typical road bike.

Instead, it offers flat handlebars that promote an upright posture. This is the signature feature of any hybrid bike.

Along with that, it has the 700c wheels that offer lower traction and greater speeds on roads.

Furthermore, it has a lot of speeds so negotiating hills or any other obstacles should not be an issue. This bike is designed to go fast on paved roads.

Specs at a glance: Aluminum Frame, Linear Pull Brakes, 21 Speed Shifter Shimano, 700c Wheels


  • Road bike with flat handlebars
  • Fast, reliable, 21 speeds and aluminum frame


  • The decals on the bike have been reported to come-off
  • Not available in Women’s design.

best hybrid bikes under 300

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3. Kent Avondale Hybrid Bikes – On the Cheaper End of the Spectrum

This hybrid bike is on the lower end of the spectrum for $300 range. This is a performance bike.

This is a simple looking bike that is designed to commute well on the road.

One aspect that sets this bike apart from the rest is that features the Sure Stop Braking system. This is like the anti-lock braking system.

With this system, one lever pulls the brake on both the wheels making a sudden stop faster. This should be a must for all the bikes that are designed for speed on the road.

Other than that, this best hybrid bike under 300 features 7 speed with Shimano REVO Shift.

It is available in models for both women and men.

Specs at a glance: Aluminum Frame, Sure Stop Brakes, 7 Speed Shifter Shimano, 700c Wheels


  • Affordable performance bike with one of a kind braking system.
  • Aluminum frame makes this bike light and maneuverable.


  • Only 7 speed configuration

4. Schwinn Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle – All Rounder Bike – Comfort Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Siro is much similar to the Schwinn Capitol in terms of features. However, there are a few distinct features.

The biggest difference between the two is in terms of the design. They both have very different designs.

Secondly, this bike has swept-back handlebars instead of flat handlebars. This gives you the perfect upright position. Another distinct feature is the suspension seat that adds a lot of comfort to your ride.

If you are looking for comfort, then this is the best hybrid bike under 300.

Other than that, Siro and Capitol are more or less the same bikes. They both have suspension fork, 21 speed with EZ-Fire Shifters and a lightweight aluminum frame.

Specs at a glance: Aluminum Frame, V Brakes, 21 Speed EZ-Fire Shifter Shimano, Suspension Fork, 700c Wheels


  • Refreshing design at a reasonable price range.
  • Comfort seat with suspension.
  • Suspension fork, 21 speeds makes this perfect for on-road and mild off-roading.


  • Men’s model is expensive.
  • Like the capitol, it lacks fenders.

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $200 Reviews

best hybrid bikes under 200The best hybrid bikes under 200 are a great attraction among enthusiasts. Most of the riders who do not have a huge list of requirements find these to be having the most lucrative price tag.

If for the best hybrid bikes under 300 are beyond your range, then these should interest you.

If you look at some of the reviews of these bikes, it will be apparent that affordability is one of the biggest deciding factors for the success of a hybrid bike.

Although there is a huge difference between a high-end hybrid bike and a budget hybrid bike, the phenomenal price differences makes these worth it.

Basically, with these bikes, the users are able to use the same essential features that are available in much more expensive bikes. We can consider this to be an empathetic attempt by renowned brands as they are targeting their middle and lower class market.

In this article, we will attempt to review some of the highly demanded hybrid bikes under $200.

What to Expect in this Price Range?

You can expect beginner level hybrid bikes at this price. You cannot expect top notch quality frames or even the best of look.

These bikes are bare minimum bikes stripped of almost everything except for the form factor. Therefore, if it is just the hybrid form factor that you are after, then these are the bikes for you.

It should also be noted; however, that some of the best selling hybrid bikes are best hybrid bikes under 200.

You can have a look at hybrid bikes in other price categories as well i.e. $300 and $500.

Are these Bikes Worth it?

This depends a lot on your perspective and your requirements. From a pure performance/dollar point of view, these bikes are great to have. However, if you are slightly into bikes and know about nuances of bike comfort, ride, maneuverability etc, then you will be quick to realize that they are lacking.

Also, you should not be surprised if there is a list of adjustability that you need to do in order to bring the brakes, gears, handlebars etc into perfect position.

Which Brands offer Hybrid Bikes Under $200?

Like the $300 range, you can find brands like Schwinn, Vilano, Critical Cycles, Diamondback, and Roadmaster having great hybrid bicycles in this price range.

The top quality brands like Giant, Trek, Canondale do not have cheaper bike models.

Let us no have a look at some of the top hybrid bicycles in this price range. You should be forewarned not to expect too much at this price range. If you are just a beginner who wants just to try out these bikes, then this is a good price to go for.

5. Diamondback Vital 1 Comfort Bike – Best Choice for Women

best hybrid bikes under 200

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This hybrid bike by Diamondback is one of the cheapest one available in the market.

Almost every aspect of this bike is the bare minimum. From gears to the saddle to the handlebar, it is all very simple.

The handlebars are positioned backward so that rider has an upright riding position. This is quite typical of a hybrid bike.

Along with the upright structure, it offers 700C wheels, a suspension fork yo absorb shocks for a smooth ride and also a 7 speed Shimano Gear.

You may need to adjust a few things on this bike, but generally, it comes pretty much assembled. However, if you do not know how to completely assemble it, it is better to see a professional.

Specs at a glance: Steel Frame, 50 mm Suspension, 7 Speed Twist Shifter Shimano, 700 C Wheels


  • Offers suspension at a very low price.
  • The 7 speeds gears should be able to help you with climbs


  • May require you to see a specialist to assemble the bike
  • Not available in Mens design.

best hybrid bikes under 200

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6. Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike – Retro Style at a Budget

Retro style look of the bicycle makes it an attraction for buyers. If you are looking for something that is comfortable and come prepackages with all the necessary accessories, then this is a great bike to have.

This is cheap bike; however, depending on the color that you can, the price may differ.

It is offered in both Men’s and Women’s frame geometry. The women’s frame happens to be the Best Seller on

One of the best things about this bike is that it comes with the fenders and a rear rack. This not only makes it an all-weather bike but also great for utility.

I would highly recommend getting a simple basket to enhance the looks and utility of the bike.

Specs at a glance: Steel Frame, Fenders, Rear Rack, 7 Speed Shifter, 700 C Wheels


  • Offers rear rack and fenders, making it great for city commute and for all weather.
  • 7 speed shifter brings the price down; however, that is all you need to commute in a city comfortably.
  • Easy instruction; very simple to assemble.


  • Lacks a suspension fork.
  • There have been complaints of missing parts.

7. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Bike – Best Men’s Hybrid Bike

hybrid bikes under 200

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If you had been thinking of cycling but do not where to being, then this bike is a good start.

It does not have that retro look of the typical low price hybrid bikes, therefore, it should be quite easy to get adjusted to.

This is a bike that is perfect for general cycling and exercising. It has a sporty look and ensures a comfortable ride with the typical upright handlebars.

You can add fenders, racks should you need. It also has an option for water bottle mounting.

One of the best features of this bike is the Shimano REVO Twist Shifters.

Considering the design and feature of the bike, it has been rightly named as the “performance bike”

Specs at a glance: Aluminum, Linear Pull V-Brake, 21 Shimano REVO Twister, 700 C Wheels


  • Top quality looks for a budget price.
  • Built for performance with REVO Shifters.
  • 21 speeds gears.


  • Does not have fenders or racks.
  • Not available in Women’s design.
  • Does not have suspensions.
  • The bike comes partially assembled, so you will need to tools and have the know-how of how to adjust brakes and gears.

hybrid bikes under 200

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8. Critical Cycles Beaumont City Commuter Bike – Retro-Inspired

Like the Schwinn Wayfarer, this is yet another retro-inspired hybrid bike. We all have a personal preference in terms of design.

Therefore, if you have a requirement to get a retro hybrid bike but the Wayfarer does not tickle your fancy, then you can look into this.

The bike is available in both men and women frames. It comes in several colors and also sizes. Therefore, choosing the one that suits your needs should not be an issue at all.

Note that the model name for Men’s 7 speed bike is called Beaumont Diamond; whereas, the Women’s 7 speed bike is called Beaumont Step-Thru.

They both are city bikes and in essence, share the same core features. The only difference lies in the size and geometry of the frame.

Specs at a glance: Steel, Alloy Dual Caliper Brake, 7 Speed Shimano REVO Twister, 700 C Wheels


  • Perfect for urban commuting with a decent set of gears, fenders, and rack.
  • Shimano REVO Shifters makes changing gears easy.
  • 7 speeds gears.


  • Does not have suspension.
  • Does not have the capacity for off-roading.
  • Heavy bike

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $100 Reviews

Is it even possible to find hybrid bikes under $100 range? Traditionally speaking, anything that is a specialized form of something, is usually more expensive.

Hybrid bikes are the specialized versions of bicycles. So naturally, you would expect them to be way over the $100 range. Although that is true in most cases, there are a few that even beat the standards.

I do not think the best hybrid bikes under 300 or 200 should be too much to bear. However, it doesn’t hurt to find the best possible deal.

It goes without saying that you get what you pay for. Therefore, when buying these bikes do not expect high-end performance.

9. Roadmaster Adventures Hybrid Bike – Cheapest bike in the List

If you are looking for the cheaper performance hybrid bike and perhaps the cheapest bike in the market, this is the one to go for.

It costs less than $100 but offers essentially all the features deemed necessary for a hybrid bike.

It has 7-speed twist shifter, an upright handle, and 700C wheels.

At this price, it is almost impossible to highlight any drawbacks. However, you should be warned, that you get what you pay for.

Therefore, if you get this bike in hopes of expecting miracles in performance, then look the other way.

This is a highly generic hybrid bike.

Specs at a glance: Steel, 7 speed, Twist Shifter, 700 C Wheels


  • As cheap as it gets; hybrid bike under 100
  • Offers all the essetial features that makes a hybrid bike.


  • May have to visit a bike shop to tune it up.
  • Offers only 7 speeds gears; this is lacking for a performance hybrid bike.


Some of the best selling hybrid bikes can be found in this range.

Best hybrid bikes under 300 are built for those who are not so keen about high-end features.

These bikes offered here are by some of the most respected brands in the market. So the quality of product and service is most certainly assured.


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