Best Hybrid Bike Brands

Okay, so you have decided to get yourself a hybrid bike, but now the question is: what are the best hybrid bike brands to go for? The good thing is, you already started your efforts to a healthier lifestyle so congrats on that.

Choosing a Healthier Lifestyle

As much as people crave for entertainment and leisure, similarly to that they are now becoming more concerned about their health. Going to gyms and aerobic classes can be quite hard on the pocket as it costs a great deal of monthly expenditure.

If the purpose of maintaining good health is being fulfilled by a way which requires just a onetime expense and along with that offers leisure activity too, then why wouldn’t you opt for it?

We are not advocating that going to the gym is a waste of time. If you can afford then most certainly you should. However, for most people, the gym is a boring way of getting in shape. Others prefer a much more outdoor way of life.

A bicycle is that lifesaving vehicle/exercise machine. It will give you the benefit of traveling from one place to another without any fuel consumption and will be a good daily workout. Bikes are the favorite among those who prefer the outdoor way of living.

The good news is that there is a bike catered for exactly your kind of use. These are hybrid bikes. The name alone makes the reader interested in what it actually is and undoubtedly, these bikes have gathered a lot of fans to date.

Definition of a Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike is not a single purpose bike like the rest since it can be used on a variety of terrains. For instance, if you buy an everyday comfort bike you will not be able to ride it on rocky terrains whereas hybrid bikes are a blend of different features. These features are a combination of all single purpose bikes like a mountain, comfort, and road.

It will have flat handlebars similar to those in mountain bikes and the 700 c wheels of road bikes. This makes this bicycle favorite among professional bikers as well as casual riders. Some hybrid bikes are for comfort, some are for utility, others for racing and some even for long distance trekking.

Hybrid bikes are not only made for roads, but the tires that are used in them have a wide contact area which makes them suitable for riding on slight off-road terrains and canal towpaths. The gear range which is offered in hybrid bikes is much more than what usual bikes offer and thus has much better speed.

Best Hybrid Bike Brands

Manufacturing these bikes is not a single brand’s work to do. Unless and until there is a competition between different brands, improvement never takes place. The improved features in these hybrid bikes clearly show that there are a number of hybrid bicycle brands dealing with their manufacture and sale.

The brands that were previously handling the sale and manufacture of single-purpose bikes like mountain and road are now actively building hybrid bikes. Some of the famous hybrid bicycle brands dealing with this niche are mainly Diamondback, Nashbar, Cannondale, Raleigh, Trek, Specialized, Giant, and Schwinn.

There are many other hybrid bike brands that we will cover in the future. The fact of the matter is that although good brand matters if you find a hybrid bike being offered by some emerging brand that suits your needs, go for them.

Giant Hybrid Bike

hybrid bike brand

Giant needs no introduction. If you are even remotely into bikes, you will know that Giant is one of the leading brands. Giant has one of the widest selection of hybrid bikes. For that reason alone, this is one of the best hybrid bike brands.

Bikes like Giant FastRoad CoMax, Giant Thrive, Giant Escape, Giant Flourish, are just some of the fantastic examples.

This is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturing company that also happens to be the worlds largest bicycle manufacturer. It has its presence in almost all sorts of bike categories from road bikes to racing bikes.

This brand was established in 1972 by King Liu. It had its humble starts; however, with a few breakthroughs, they made it to the top of the bike manufacturing charts. They even sponsor an international cycling team

Raleigh Hybrid Bikes

hybrid bike brands

Raleigh Bicycle Company is yet another household name for those who are into bicycles. Unlike Giant, this is a rather old company. It started out in 1885 and has now grown to be one of the best hybrid bike brands in the world.

Like the Giant, Raleigh has also had an association with cycle sports. Over the years they have sponsored several teams and even manage their cycling teams.

Raleigh has an extended selection of hybrid bikes. In fact, one look at their website will reveal how vast their collection is.  You can find city bikes and comfort bikes all of which are hybrid bikes depending on your perspective. Some of their amazing bikes include the Cadent series, the Alyssa Series, and the Detour Series


Schwinn Hybrid Bikes

best hybrid bike brands

Schwinn is an American bicycle company that was founded by a German who went by the name Ignaz Schwinn. If you are someone residing in the USA, you must have heard the name of this brand at one point or another.

Why? simply because it was once the leading bicycle manufacturing company of the USA throughout the 20th century.

It has had its rough periods. In 1992, Schwinn declared bankruptcy. It is now owned by Dorel Industries.

As one of the best hybrid bike brands, Schwinn has one of the best selection of bikes to choose from. Some of its famous bikes include Schwinn Discover, Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bikes.

Diamondback Hybrid Bike

best hybrid bike brand

Diamondback is a famous bicycle brand that was founded back in 1977. Initially, it was based in Kent, Washington but now distributes to many parts of the world namely United States, Australia, Canada, Bangladesh and the United Kingdom.

Most of the bikes that it sells are mostly considered to be low priced bicycles, but the ones with a variety of features and high-quality material usage are on more top end.

Talking a little about the brand’s history, it was founded by Western States Imports which at that time ran the Centurion bicycle selling brand. The two words diamond and back were initially written as two separate words with space but have now been changed to diamondback as a single word.

Until 2001, diamondback changed hands among few owners but presently it is in partnership with groups like Cascade Bicycle Club, Bikes Belong, and Mountain bike association.

Among the famous from this hybrid bikes brands are Kalama, Women’s Vital 1, 2 and Edgewood.  Women’s Vital 1 is designed exclusively for female riders, and the step-thru frame facilitates them to get on and off of it without any trouble.

It has a suspension fork that absorbs any shocks that may come along the road and therefore the ride stays smooth.  To further compliment the ride, seats have been comfortable, and all these features are provided at a price of just $380.

An upgrade of this version is the women’s Vital 2 which is available at a price of $450. The upgrades are mainly the aluminum frame which is lightweight and therefore easy for women to handle. The seat post is added with extra cushions to give it a rise so that rider can enjoy her journey well.

Shimano brake levers are another attraction and ensure security for the rider. Kalamar is another hybrid bike that costs around $380.

The bike’s seating position is designed in a way that it will give the rider a more upright posture. A high-quality frame has been used to ensure the durability of the bike. The seats are super comfortable, and rider will enjoy hi/her ride throughout.

Edgewood, at a price of $450, is an upgrade to this version. The Shimano brake levers offer a variety of gears for different types of terrain. The suspension fork system is an improvement from Kalmar and riders are being given a lot of comfort with this bike.

Nashbar Hybrid Bike

nashar bike

Nashbar is a well known and unique hybrid bicycle brand. A man called Arni Nashbar was the one who started this business initially in Ohio. Within ten years the name reached great heights, and a lot of stores opened up in different places.

It is famous among a lot of people because they have a good record of fast shipping and delivery.  It has a lot of hybrid bikes to offer, among them the famous ones are the Nashbar trekking bike and Nashbar’s women trekking bike.  The trekking bike is made from aluminum and is really lightweight, thus easy for people to change its position.

It offers a broad range of 24 speeds and has components of the reliable brand Shimano.  It has swift gear shifting which means that you no longer will get stuck on steep lands while changing them.  There are two options for tires; you can either get thick ones like 700 c or even thinner ones.

The handlebars and seat have such a design that the rider will not have to lean forward or hunch at any point in the ride.

The women’s trekking bike is almost similar to the one just explained. The overall grip of the bike is excellent, and people have found it to be smooth to ride on.

Cannondale Hybrid Bike

canondale bike

Cannondale bicycle corporation has it’s headquartered in Connecticut while it manufactures and assembles in China. Initially, it made bags for camping and bike trailers. It then shifted to motorbike niche, but that went into loss after which they started their bicycle production.

Cannondale definitely deserves all praise for being one of the best hybrid bike brands out there. Cannondale hybrid bikes are stylish and versatile.

Their aluminum frames and upright riding position make it suitable for all ages of riders. Among the most famous of its kinds are the Cannondale Bad Boy and Cannondale for women specifics.

The bikes are perfect for people who are fitness oriented and have the best handlebar and seat design to ensure full comfort for the rider.

From brakes to levers and chain, everything is sought out correctly. Cannondale is a renowned brand name and therefore works hard to live up to customer expectations.


These were just some of the best hybrid bike brands. There are much more like Vilano, Critical Cycles, etc. One thing is clear, however, These bikes are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Buying hybrid bikes definitely needs advice and with the intense competition going on between brands, this purchase decision becomes a difficult one. Every brand has their own distinctive feature which makes it stand out.

For riders, it is important that they first see which brand is the most reliable one relating to their requirements. Hybrid bicycle trend is expected to grow in coming years as well, and there are all chances of new hybrid bike brands coming in or existing ones going to great heights regarding quality and features.

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