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Best Hybrid Mountain Bikes

So, you’re planning to buy a new bike but not really sure if you should go for a mountain or racer bike. Not to worry, that is why hybrid mountain bikes are here. But before proceeding any further the first question you should ask yourself is why would you go for a hybrid mountain bike? Hybrid bikes are versatile and adaptable.

Buying a hybrid bike is generally more difficult than buying a mountain or road bike alone. Reason being that these bikes are known for the specific purpose they work for and that purpose is usually single, whereas hybrids are a blend of different features along with multiple purposes and you have to analyze all of them in detail to finally decide which kind you want.

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Hybrid Bikes

What is a Hybrid Mountain Bike?

There isn’t any official definition given to Hybrid Mountain Bikes. It is just a term that people search for when they are looking for a hybrid bike that is more inclined towards being a mountain bike than the road bike.

Since Hybrid Bikes are combination of many different types of bikes, you would find that most hybrid bikes take more inspiration from one style over another.

So a hybrid mountain bike is basically a bike that has wider tires, front suspension, sturdy and lightweight frame, flat bar that promotes upright posture and a lot of speeds.

Usually Hybrid Comfort Bikes, and Hybrid City Bikes typically combine the higher element of the mountain bikes.

Remember There are More Hybrid Bike Types

Hybrid bikes also have different kinds in them, for instance hybrid road bike, hybrid mountain bike or comfort bikes. Talking about hybrid mountain bikes specifically, they take most of their features from that of a normal mountain bike.

Mountain bike wheels are designed to have a better grip on rocky and rough terrains. It has an upright riding position where the rider doesn’t have to lean that much while riding, his/her hands are kept straight on the handlebar in front.

Basically, before buying a hybrid it is important that you decide what exactly do you expect from your bike. Even in the category of mountain hybrid bikes, there still will be multiple options to choose from, each having some difference in the features.

Some have different brakes and gears whereas some have different seats and/or handlebars. This narrows it down to going through the options one by one and deciding which combination of features is the best fit for your motive.

Hybrid vs MTB vs Road Bike

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Top Hybrid Mountain Bikes

There are many hybrid mountain bikes in the market. These are some of the best there are that you can get at very affordable rates. This detailed review is going to play the same part and will help you in your purchasing decision.

GTM 26″ 18 Speed MTB Mountain Bike Shimano Hybrid

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GTM has their new hybrid mountain bike out in the market at a price of $118, pretty affordable it is. The foremost thing you see will alone be a huge attraction. You don’t have to do any major installations in this bike as it already comes 85 percent assembled. All you have to do is fix front wheels, handlebars, tires and just fill them in with air.

The materials used in almost all of the parts are made of high quality and therefore are durable. The linear pull brakes are great because even when the bike is going at a great speed, the rider will easily be able to stop t with just one pull. The handlebar height is adjustable which means that riders of all different heights can bring it to their level.

It also has a water bottle holder, now even though this is a very small feature but a very useful one. Water is the only thing that rider needs while riding and having it by his/her side at all time is a huge benefit. Overall the whole bike is very comfortable to ride on. No matter how good the features may seem, you will not a clear picture of it unless you read what the customers have to say about it.

Users didn’t like the brakes at all and the pedals were terrible as they kept coming off.  The handlebars were also very loose and the seat wasn’t that comfortable sit on, which becomes a big flaw. Due to all these reasons, none of the users gave a full 5 star review, and just 50 percent of them gave it a 4 star review.


Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle, Matte Black, 29-Inch

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Schwinn Is a very old name in the bike industry and when you buy from this brand, satisfaction is guaranteed, in addition to this, a lifetime warranty is also given along. The bike’s frame is made from high quality aluminum. The front suspension brakes reduce the intensity of shocks and the spring helps to do it.

As it is a mountain hybrid bike, it is important that it is able to ride against the hurdles that come in the way. The gear system offers 21 speeds and SRAM twist shifters make the switching and changing even easier.

It has a linear pull brake system both at the front and rear end, thus allowing the rider to better control his/her breaking power.  Wheels made of alloy have a quick release front which is of great benefit.

Customers were really happy with the smooth gear shifting and the smooth ride that it offers.  Tyres were a problem since they made little sounds as if the breaks were rubbing against it and also the rims were bent in some packages. All in all about 40 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


Schwinn Capital 700c Men’s Hybrid Bicycle, Medium frame size

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Schwinn has another hybrid bike but this one is specifically designed for men. The aluminum frame along with the suspension forks in front make sure that the rider is able to ride smoothly and no hurdle disturbs it. It has 21-speed EZ-Fire shifters with Shimano rear derailleur which gives great control to the rider over his speeds.

Front and rear alloy V brakes make sure that rider can stop his bike with full power. The seat has a spring suspension beneath it which actually gives maximum comfort while riding.

The suspension system makes it easy for the rider to pass his bike over big bumps, as the spring movement absorbs it. This bike is ideal if you want to ride over hills and steep areas because the gear system will be to handle it all well.

Those who used it were happy with the low price of it at just $260. Apart from the great features, the overall look of the book is great and attractive.  The two problems that most of the people faced were that the seat was just too close to handlebars which disturbed the riding position and the tires were not wide enough to travel smoothly on dirt roads. As a final review, about 54 percent of them gave Schwinn’s hybrid mountain bike a full 5 star review.


Merax® Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike

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Merax has done an outstanding job with this fierce looking hybrid mountain bike. They have undoubtedly done a great job on the design as it looks different from all others of the same kind. It comes at a price of $349, which is justified for the features and design they have offered.  All parts are already assembled, users will just have to attach the pedals and fill in the air in the tires.

Instead of the pull or V brakes, disc brakes are installed. In addition, it has the Shimano 21-speed Derailleur and Shifters for Reliable Shifting.  The wheels are lightweight and made of alloy, to not overburden the bike ride. The total weight capacity of this bike is about 330 lbs. a lot of people who bought the bike said that the features had exceeded their expectations.

The look is obviously better than many other bikes that fall in the same category. The packaging is great as Merax has used foam to cover all the delicate parts and ensure that everything reaches in perfect shape. Apart from the unclear instructions, the assembly wasn’t that hard. For many users, it was a complete package starting from looks till the functions.

The bike itself is very lightweight which is why users were easily able to move it up or down, wherever they wanted.  The brakes, however, were really noise and due to this many of them had to be replaced with the hydraulic disc brakes. On a whole, about 57 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


Mongoose Impasse HD 29″ Men’s Mountain Bike, 18 ” Frame Blue

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This 29-inch hybrid mountain bike by Mongoose comes at a price of $284. The whole frame is built of high-quality aluminum. It has 21 speeds SRAM twist shifters with Shimano rear derailleur for smooth shifting between gears.

It is a versatile bike that will ride you from daily tasks as well as take you to off city travels. With Shimano derailleur climbing the steepest of hills will not at all be a problem.

Customers had rather mixed views regarding this bike. They were happy with the quality and durability. Those who took it for bumpy rides faced no disturbances whatsoever. A lot of the customers, however, received some parts which were slightly damaged but this fault is significant of the delivering companies and not the manufacturing brand.

A very harsh comment given by one of the clients was that when he tried to shift the gears it felt as if he was doing it on a $20 bike, which obviously an over exaggeration. Where some users were extremely disappointed many others were a 100% satisfied. The mixed reviews were proven when exactly 50 % of the users gave it a full 5 star response.