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Best Girls Cruiser Bike

Biking is not only for adults but in fact is more fun for kids. Talking about young girls particularly, it is a great activity for them since they are not usually interested in any other outdoor sport. Apart from entertainment, it is great for their health too as it keeps them active at all times and builds stamina. Girls cruiser bikes therefore serve as the best option for their usage.

Girls cruiser bikes ensure a smooth ride and are ideal for plain terrains. All famous brands that manufacture bikes for adults have manufactured these girl cruiser bikes. This detailed review will help you decide if you want to buy one bike for your daughter. Choice is given between brands like Schwinn, Diamondback, Firmstrong and Huffy bicycles.

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Best Cruiser Bikes

Why Cruiser Bikes are Best for Girls

For starters, they look super cute. The can really enhance our personality. Secondly, you do not need a lot of skills in riding these bikes.

They aren’t built for competing in races or going off road. They are just simple good looking bikes that look elegant. You can ride them to your school and neighborhood.

Most of these bikes can be equipped with baskets to further improve their looks and improve the utility.

List of Best Girls Cruiser Bike

Here are some of the cutest looking girls cruiser bike. There are many more that you can look into, but these should give you a general idea.

Huffy Bicycles 23556 Girls’ Good Vibrations Cruiser Bicycle

girls cruiser bikes

This cruiser bike is built exclusively for girls. Perhaps, the most attractive thing in its outlook is the color combination. A very bright combination of sky blue and light yellow has been used to make the bike stand out. The bike has a steel frame which ensures its durability and strength over many years to come.

Rear coaster brakes have been added which provide instant stopping power and at the same time guarantee rider’s safety. Its deluxe seat has been decorated to further enhance the overall look of it.

Customers who used it were happy with all that it had to offer. They considered it a perfect summer bike and those who had been using it for over a year had no major complaints against it. All in all, about 67 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


Schwinn Girls Cruiser Bike

Girls cruiser bikes

Schwinn does a commendable job with manufacturing this girl’s cruiser bike. It has a steel frame which speaks for its durability and strength. The frame and fork have been designed in a way to give maximum comfort while riding.

Handlebars have been situated at such a height that it gives the rider an upright riding position. This position is most feasible because then the cyclist doesn’t suffer from any back or muscle pain. Rear foot brake gives instant stopping power to the rider.

The saddle is padded with extra cushioning so the ride is comfortable throughout. It even has springs attached beneath which absorb all extra shocks. Fenders have been attached at both ends to prevent dirt or water splashes from destroying rider’s clothes. There is also a rack at the back on which the cyclist can put some bags or can even give a ride to someone else.

Customers were happy with the classic look of the bike and easy usage. Assembly of the bike was pretty simple and didn’t require much time. The striking pink color of the bike was another big attraction. On a whole, about 67 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


Firmstrong Girl’s Bella Classic Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle

best girls cruiser bikes

If girls want to enjoy a relaxed riding with maximum comfort then Firmstrong’s Bella classic bike is the best option. This 20-inch cruiser bike is ideal for girls aged between 3 and 8 years. The frame is sleek and has a thick top tube to complete the look.

Front and rear fenders have been added to make sure that rider’s clothes stay clean from any sort of dirt or water splashes. White wall balloon tires provide a good grip on the ground and allow for a cushioned ride.

Coaster brakes have been used since they are easy to use. The seat has dual springs to absorb shocks and bumps that may arise on the way. This ensures that the rider is able to drive smoothly and thus safely too. Girls of height between 3’2” and 4’4” can easily ride the bike.

Customers were happy with the overall bike. The assembly was quite simple and easy. Most of the users, therefore, gave it a full 5 star review.


Diamondback Miz Della Cruz Complete Cruiser Bike

cruiser bikes

Diamondback has used high-quality steel which is durable for many years to come. The 16-inch wheels provide a firm grip on the ground. Little girls can have a hard time learning biking but that can all be made easy with Miz Della cruiser bike. The chain guard keeps the chains at one place. There is no chance of grease spoiling the rider’s pant or her shoelace getting caught in the chains. Fenders too save the rider’s clothes from dirt and water splashes.

The overall look of the bike is really stylish and the parrot green color further lifts the look. The customers had mixed reviews regarding this bike. The instructions manual was quite confusing and took up a great deal of time for assembly of the bike. Another issue was that there was no kickstand with it. All in all, about 50 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle

schwinn girls cruiser bikes

This Schwinn classic cruiser bike is manufactured exclusively for girls. It has a steel frame and fork. Steel has been used since it is strong and durable both. Full fenders provide protection to the rider’s clothes from puddles etc.

Alloy rims have been used because they are lightweight and strong as well. The lightweight of the bike makes it easy for the rider to carry the bike around and handle it well. Cruiser seat is padded with foam to guarantee a comfortable and smooth ride to the users.

The seat also has springs attached which absorb all big shocks and bumps on the way. All the features of this bike have been made keeping in mind that it will be used by girls particularly.

Customers were happy that the bike was extremely easy to assemble and therefore didn’t take that much time. The only downside to this was that the outer paint coat wasn’t of a good quality and therefore got a lot of scratches. On a whole, about 73 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


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