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Best Hybrid Bike Handlebars | Buying Guide

The importance of Hybrid Bike handlebars cannot be ignored. It is what separates them from the rest of the bike. Their handlebars are what make them unique. Most of us who own a hybrid bike or have cycled across town on one such bike at least once, know the sort of versatility and comfort they offer. Living up to its name, hybrid bikes borrow the best features from mountain bikes and road bikes, and they give the rider a dense variety of riding conditions and diversified applications. The wide acclaim, popularity, and preference hybrid bikes receive from novice cyclists, rising athletes, average riders and commuters and children is a lot and is for a good reason. Hybrid bikers enjoy great stability, comfort, and ease from this bicycle.

One prominent feature that distinguishes hybrid bikes is its handlebars. They are flat and straight and come with the upright seating position akin to that of a mountain bike.  Another distinguishable feature is the one borrowed from road bikes; thinner wheels and smoother tires that aid in greater speed and less exertion.

In this article, we will have a look many different types of handlebars out there. You can apparently install any handlebar you like on your bike.

The best part about owning a hybrid bike is that each day as you take them on a ride, you explore a new potential in your bike. Hybrid bikes are famous for the different purposes they can satisfy or cater to. Hybrid bikes are designed as general purpose bikes.

While you take your hybrid bike on different tours around town, go a little experimental. Try out changing the way you hold the Hybrid Bike Handlebars.

Changing Handlebar on Hybrid Bikes

As discussed, handlebars are that one feature on the hybrid bike that gives the bike a distinguishing character. Changing the handlebars of any bike, let alone a hybrid will be a drastic change that can completely advert or benefit the look of the bike.  The point is, go for any drastic changes like completely changing the handlebars or modifying them only if you think you need them.

There could be two possible reasons (or more) if one might go for a change of handlebars. Firstly, you may want to do so added comfort. Secondly, one ought to opt for new positions or more functionality while riding a particular bike.

It is suggested that before making any such drastic changes on your own that involve a change of handlebars you should consider visiting your local bicycle store.

Types of Hybrid Bike Handlebars

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Straight or Mountain Handlebar – Native Hybrid Bike Handlebars

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Among the particular features that a hybrid bike borrows from a mountain bikes includes this particular handlebar: the straight handlebar.  Again they might not present themselves to be the best choice because of the limited positions they facilitate the cyclists. While they provide greater power and control, riding a hybrid with the elbows sticking out causes significant discomfort.

This position inevitably causes you to catch more wind, slowing down your speed. However, the number of positions can be increased by attaching aero bars to the handlebars or by connecting bar ends. This provides a third and often a fourth, hand position; most cyclist like that! While hybrid bikes are marketed and employed to be a touring bike, straight handlebars are often a safe choice for this purpose.

Some of the top selling ones include:

Raised Handlebars

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Raised handlebars or upright handlebars are usually found on hybrid bikes, and they come with a limitation: they come with only two possible hand positions. This does not present itself to be an ideal bicycle handlebar for lengthy rides around town and certainly does not come without any backaches.

Despite these failings, raised handlebars prove themselves to be a logical choice for cyclists who want an upright posture for very short trips. Raised bars will have a 25.4mm stem clamp and 22.2mm bar diameter for mountain brake levers and shifters.

Best Raised Handlebars for Hybrid Bikes:

Trekking or Butterfly Handlebars

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A trekking bike is a hybrid with all the accessories necessary for bicycle touring. The popularity of these handlebars can trace their widespread employment on hybrid bikes in European countries. Trekking handlebars offer nearly four possible hand positions. Most of the touring are done in an upright position. The handlebar has about three possible upright posture hand locations.

Such handlebars can facilitate the cyclist with many places to varying their hand position and reduce hand problems. This inevitably makes trekking or butterfly handlebars best choice if you have lengthy trips on bikes to look forward to. Trekking or butterfly handlebars come with a 25.4mm stem clamp and an approximate 22.2mm bar diameter for mountain brake levers and shifters as well.

Best Trekking handlebars for hybrid bikes:

Moustache Handlebars

best hybrid bike handlebars

Mustache handlebars are very similar to the Trekking handlebars, except that they are devoid of any close-in position. Riding on the curves is the primary hand position.

Most of them offer about three possible hand positions. Mustache bars usually have a standard 25.4 to 26 mm stem clamp and nearly 23.8 mm bar diameter for road bikes and their brake lever and shifters. You can consider acquiring bar end shifters with these handlebars.

Drop Handlebars

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They are the traditional handlebars providing the cyclists four hand positions: in the middle, corners, hoods and on the drops of the handlebar. They come with a shallow 15-degree slope that is placed directly behind the brake levers.

This slope has an advantage to it: it keeps the cyclist’s hands from sliding forward. This handlebar is most suitable for different kinds of terrain conditions. Best add-on with the handlebars will be bar end shifters. Drop bars usually have a 26 or 31.8mm stem clamp and 23.8mm bar diameter for road brake levers and shifters.

Best Drop handlebars for Hybrid Bikes:

The Point is:

There are endless choices available for the right Hybrid Bike Handlebars. The simplest of the modification and alterations can help you make more out of the handlebars. The padding on the handlebar can be increased with adding tape. You can easily adjust the height of the Handlebars or seat to increase the comfort level. Many experienced cyclists consider getting clip-on handlebar extensions that can vary hand positions very easily.

Why are Hybrid Bike Handlers Important?

What is it about handlebars that play an essential role in making hybrid bikes hybrid? The shape, style, and body of a handlebar attached to any hybrid bike plays a pivotal role in the bike handling and advocates greater comfort to the cyclist.

For better bike handling or control while on a hybrid bike, there are different varieties of handlebars to choose from that includes flat bars, rise bars, trekking bars or mustache ones. Making a choice for the best handlebar largely depends on the build of the cyclist himself, on the rider’s hand size and riding style. For women cyclists, handlebars are for a smaller hand grip and narrower shoulders for the better fit and grasp.

Give a lot of Consideration to the Right Handlebar

Here is the thing, if you have handlebars that are not compatible with the upright position of your seat or they have a shape that you have difficulty controlling it will cause you great discomfort and more exertion. This automatically translates to you having a bad shoulder ache or the tendency for easy exhaustion.

For example, you might not be compatible with wide handlebars if you have a small frame because your arms will be straighter out in a more comfortable position in the front instead of the uncomfortable bowed out posture; this can cause a nasty shoulder ache. Then you might want to opt for road bike handlebars or butterfly handlebars which can offer different positions for the hands.

If you critically examine the hybrid bikes, the handlebars on them are several inches taller than the upright seat. While on the road bike, the handlebars, and the seats have the same height from the floor. It is the crucial relationship that exists between the handlebar and the seat height that plays the pivotal role regarding whether you want to race or relax.

Avoid Discomfort

Most cyclists complain that long periods of cycling can cause them so much discomfort including hands getting numb, ache in the lower back and easy exhaustion of the body. The main aim to design Hybrid bikes is to create comfort. While long, extended hours of travel naturally can cause any hybrid cyclist great discomfort and exhaustion; there are many ways in which this can be prevented. Changing the standard handlebars for a more specialized pair can open options for different hand positions. Thus, dispelling some discomfort cyclists experience while cycling.

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Dispelling discomfort from the hands and arms is a win-win situation. The greater thing you will learn once you swap Hybrid Bike handlebars is that it will increase the enjoyment of the bike ride. For example, handlebars with armrests allow cyclists to lean forward over the front of the bike while cycling. This automatically makes you more aerodynamic and boosts your speed. Not only this, it gets cyclists through those impossible windy weather conditions in town. The choice to add a variety of hand position to the hybrid bike is always open.

Considering Aerobars

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If you want a quick commute at all times and have a thing for speed, you should consider attaching aerobars to your hybrid. Aerobars cater cyclists with a lot of hand positions and make your hybrid bike more aerodynamic. Speed is not the only real advantage aerobars offer; you can angle them upward or forward for greater comfort as well.

How to Choose the Right Handlebar (If You are Swapping)


Considerations for Swapping Hybrid Bike Handlebars

Few important factors you should be keep in mind while swapping Hybrid Bike handlebars or making the tiniest modifications in them.

  • It is advisable to readjust the tension on the brakes and cables of the hybrid bike; it becomes a necessity especially if you dramatically change the form of your bike by swapping the handlebars or making any prime modifications to them.
  • Do not to throw away the handlebar that you just replaced, in case you realize you are not incompatible with the new handlebars you will most definitely resort to your older set of handlebars.
  • No matter what sort of handlebar you choose for your bike, it is only fair that you make the most of out of them. Take advantage of the versatility and quality each pair of handlebars has to offer.
  • It might be a good decision to do a little experiment and test the functionality of the handlebars by changing your hand and arm positions.