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Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

Hybrid bikes for women are very popular in the market. Along with the cruiser bikes, these tend to be quite famous among women. These bikes are for those who enjoy their time riding bikes, love to pack little picnics up the hill, or use cycling as a commute every day to work and back. Fortunately, there happens to be a lot of hybrid bikes that designed specifically for women.

Just like the hybrid bikes for men, hybrid bikes for women tend to combine the best of several bike categories.

Do you want to go cycling but are very much confused about which bike to pick up from the online store? Are you hesitant that you might choose the wrong sort of bike and regret it later? Or are you not sure which bike you want to invest in?

Why Should You Choose a Hybrid Bike?

Girls, selecting the right bike is as important as picking the right dress for that big event. Because once you have it, it is probably difficult to replace or exchange it. So what are the things that should be considered before buying a bike? It is important to find the sole purpose for which you might want a particular bike and what you expect that bike to do for you.

When you mull over it, you are bound to have a better understanding of what kind of bike you should go on. This way you are less likely to be duped by any sales guy into buying the sort of bike. Especially one that does not compliment you or your needs. So be sure that when you plant yourself in front of the bike shop, you know the basics about the bike. Always be a smart buyer.

Bikes, in general, carry a quiet, versatile nature, but some little beasts are often designed specifically for a purpose. The road bikes are for the flat terrain and then you have the mountain bike to tackle the rough terrain. Then some bikes are even designed to go across the snow. So some of the common reasons why you may need a bike are for commuting, getting a bit fitter or just casually cycling around town to appreciate your neighborhood better.

Are you in the wrong section, perhaps this will interest you:

Men's Hybrid Bike

But What is a Hybrid Ladies Bike?

If you need a bike to cater to your everyday general purpose needs, then hybrid bikes are a good choice. This is true if you want a ride that can run well on all sorts of terrains for your daily adventures, whether it is commuting to work or riding trails in the leisure time.

Hybrid bike presents itself as a bicycle which is a good compromise between a mountain bike and a road bike. The high acclaim for hybrid bikes is specifically because their mixed features enable you to go just about anywhere, any terrain. Of course, they do come with many limitations.

If you are a woman, who for believed (or possibly still believes) that bikes are more suited to be a guy’s toy, well, you are utterly mistaken because this is not the case with hybrid bikes.

Do not mistake womens hybrid bikes to be less than the sum of their parts. Hybrid bikes offer great versatility, adaptability and head weariness to their riders and can run efficiently on a variety of terrain; be it gravel, road or rough terrain. Many times purchasing a hybrid is more complicated than buying either a road or mountain bike in the exact type that you crave the bike to be.

best hybrid bikes for women

List of Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

Let’s look at some of the best hybrid bikes for women that will prove to be the most profound companion to you while you ride.

Schwinn Women’s Hybrid Bike Wayfarer 700c Bicycle

Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

Girls, this bicycle, is a dream come true for real. Comes with the retro look and the limited lifetime warranty for as long as you would own the bike, this bike is the classy way to ride downtown. The full rides of the bike provide a stable ride, with an upright position to provide clear visibility as you go cycling.

But, what’s the best part? It will make you pull off whatever outfit you chose to wear on the spring day as you take your bike out. This sweet Schwinn comes with a rack, robust fenders and the trademark 7-speed shifters with the Schwinn rear derailleur.

Now you can turn heads when you go for long, leisurely rides on this beautiful companion of yours. Price wise it is also one of the best hybrid bikes for women.


Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Vital 2 Complete Ladies Hybrid Bike

best hybrid bikes for women

This hybrid bike by Diamondback comes with full value for money. It is a fantastic pick for a reasonable budget. The lightweight built is a smooth ride on the road by large shifting features.

The tires on this Diamondback hybrid women’s bike are a cross between the tires from the road bikes and mountain bikes, ultimately making this bike a joy to ride on all terrains safely because of this added versatility.

The seat ensures you comfort even during the longest rides. The seating is quite upright with excellent grips. You can’t help but take this beautiful ride out all evening!


Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle, 700c

best hybrid bikes for women

If you wish to have one of the best hybrid bikes for women for daily commuting, this is the bike that you are looking for. Northwood’s Springdale is a recreational bikers dream come true and a commuter bikers’ most coveted wish.

The upright riding position of this womens hybrid bike gives you a comfortable ride that is less enervating and more vitalizing. The frame is lightweight aluminum and has a taller frame to accommodate taller people too. The 700c wheels are everything that they promise to be, for a sound cycling downtown. It comes with robust rear rack and fenders.


Roadmaster Women’s Adventurers 700C Bicycle, Blue, 16″/ Small

womens hybrid bikes

This Roadmaster’s genius is manufactured keeping geometrical designs in mind. The steel hybrid frame aids in quick commute and some leisurely strolling. The V brakes promise high stopping power to avoid accidents.

The great suspension fork smooths out the shock from bumps that you will encounter on the late night cycling race! It has some of the mountain bike genes built into that assure the extra speed you love for climbing hills.

This best ladies hybrid bike ensures that your position while riding is perfectly upright than a typical fitness bike. It is a great bike to take out when you want to give your legs some nice stretching.


Schwinn Women’s Siro 700c Women’s Hybrid Bicycle, Light Green, 16-Inch Frame

best ladies hybrid bike

Confused about which women’s hybrid bicycles are worth your money? Well, Siro is a great choice when it comes to its terrific tires. You can cycle around town on this one, take it for little picnics up the hills; this versatile bike will not disappoint you.

The padded comfortable seat with its rather upright position delivers an altogether comfortable ride. The Schwinn aluminum Hybrid frame with Schwinn suspension fork does the trick in making it super stable on the road.

The Shimano EZ Fire shifters give you the smooth shifts justifying Siro a truly complete hybrid specimen. It can be ridden out for those fitness rides or those lovely outings with family. It makes a great companion, and you would seldom ever have a problem with its comfort.


Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Hybrid Womens Bike

hybrid womens bike

What an excellent bike from Critical Eyes! They have been providing some of the best women bikes to some very delighted female riders for quite some time now.

This bike is gladly up for all sorts of demands that you want from it; it will take you for a speedy commute to and back from work, it’s up for a casual cycle around town with your girlfriends, and it is an excellent companion if you want to your legs some stretch.

The lightweight hand-built steel frame design is a joy to behold! Like how we women want to be in control of the situations at most times, this bike offers you excellent control over it!  You can shift gears with precision and speed that is great while you are avidly cycling on the road.

The tire is Wanda 700x35C tires that have a good grip on the ground becoming a dependable ride each time you hop on it and hit the road.

But what is the cherry on the top? It arrives 85% pre-assembled together with the assembly tools and user manual that will not bother you at all in putting together your favorite bike!


Should You Go For Women’s Hybrid Bikes?

While hybrid bikes for women are popular, many other women prefer unisex bikes as they might suit them better. This is not an odd choice; unisex bikes are designed to cater to both male and women riders. It is recommended to test the bike before you purchase. It also does well to test a few more selected bikes, so that you can compare which one is better for the build.

Different brands and different sizes may fit you well with slight differences in comfort and efficiency. Another way to make sure that your new bike fits you well is to take out a bike fit, no matter what sort of bike you are going for. It is usually done by an experienced bike fitter who will take various measurements including the length of your legs, your body’s flexibility and how much you can stretch out when seated on the bike seat.

This bike fitter may also choose to observe you ride the bike as a static trainer and then they may adjust some elements of the bike including the saddle’s height, handlebars’ adjustment, etc. so that you get the best possible fit. Some parts of the bike may be swapped and readjusted in the process to accommodate you perfectly on the bike.

Benefits of a Hybrid Bike

Let’s explore some of the reasons why you should go for a hybrid:

  • Starting for the most common reason responsible for the acclaim of hybrid bikes: they offer a compelling blend of the characteristics of a road bike and a mountain bike. The tires of a hybrid are specifically designed to have a coarse thread on the external side and a smooth parallel tread on the inside to be ridden smoothly on everyday road combinations of rough and paved. They possess fast and big speedy rolling wheels enabling the cyclists to cycle with ease on any terrain. The wide tires of hybrid allow excellent grip than any other road bike which also helps in its durability.
  • Cycling is an exercise that may call for a bit of exertion, but if you can pick the right bike that offers outstanding comfort during the ride, a cyclist will not feel enervated quickly. Hybrid bikes have a long and flat handlebar that gives a very comfortable and relaxed riding position. They are unlike the handlebars of road bikes that are curved. Hybrid bikes save you from these common back and shoulder aches with riding road bikes. It is a plus on the hybrid bikes side from keeping your body from the sort of a backache that feels like unnatural conditioning of the body.
  • Possessing a lighter frame is easy to ride and handle. Most hybrid bikes are a lot lighter than mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are designed for the complete overkill on the road and have bulky tires.
  • You can take your hybrid bikes for some off-road cycling. It can totally survive it.
  • The gear setting on hybrid bikes are setup up for biking along roads, yet they are very akin to that of mountain bikes. The mountain bike gears offer some significant hill climbing. So their gears are placed at lower ratios and are closely spaced. It can prove to be a struggle to keep up the pace while riding a mountain bike on the road since the gears are not set up for quick horizontal travel. But unsurprisingly, your hybrid’s gears can do this!
  • The brakes on a hybrid bike are correctly placed. They are placed at the two corners of the flat handlebars making it very comfortable and efficient to use them. The brakes of the road bike are unlike this, where the biker has to over-reach the brakes while riding.
  • Hybrid bikes manufacturer are aware of the fact that these bikes are for a general purpose. Therefore nearly all the bikes come equipped with rack, baskets, and mudguards, inevitable making it an excellent choice for commuters.
  • Many hybrids manufacturers out there including some of the big names that have given us high-quality hybrids, understand that these bikes are going to run on various terrains, catering to many general purpose requirements of commute, fitness or leisurely cycling. Nearly all of the bikes come with rackets and mudguards that help make it an easy choice for commuters.

This was one massive list of advantages that you can avail from the hybrid bikes. Needless to say, it is understandable that not all hybrid bikes for women are equal. Now, how do you choose the best bike? What is your budget? Start with setting a budget and makes sure you avail full the value for your money. A very decent ladies hybrid bike may cost you a minimum of $400+.

So How Can One Distinguish Between Hybrid Bikes for Women, for Men or Unisex Hybrid Bikes?

Hybrid bikes for women have two key features that distinguish them from unisex bikes which are specially manufactured to ensure comfort.

  • A shorter reach: This helps the rider get a better upright position on the bike. The shorter distance from the saddle is attained by placing a steeper seat tube angle and a shorter stem right on the handlebars. This can give the rider a more ‘upright’ feel on the bike.
  • Smaller sizes: The bikes for women usually have small to extra small sizes to cater to the cyclists of a smaller build. Such bikes may also have a shorter reach.

These bikes come with a very relaxed and comfortable riding position, which ensures comfort and an upright cycling experience.

So what exactly makes a bike women’s hybrid bikes? The bikes possess riser bars and a comfortable seat. The seat should be suitable for the female anatomy.

They have wide tires with grooves for better grip. Since most of these are meant to be on the road, therefore the tires are smooth for this travel.

The bikes for women should be extra stable for smooth cycling on rough trails, gravel crunch, and grassy areas.

The gearing is carefully placed and generous. The ranges typically allowed are between 21 and 24 speeds to choose from.

Some of the best women bikes out there must include some of all these features. The size of the bikes should be small making it much easier for women to swing their legs over.

The riding characteristics for bikes designed for women should be less aggressive compared to the men’s bike. These differences are attributed to the women’s hybrid cycle to assure that the ride is comfortable.

Some other differences or characteristics may be present in the women’s hybrid cycle. However, the majorly differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

  • Shorter crank arms: The part that connects the pedal to the spindle is called crank arms. These crank arms are for women riders that may have shorter legs. Therefore, they may need this additional feature. Shorter crank arms make pedaling easier and help in reducing strain on the rider’s shorter legs. Do not feel that you cannot experience the joy on the cycle.
  • Narrower handlebars: shallower drops on road handlebars. These enable the women with the narrower shoulders that have a shorter reach.
  • Fewer bikes within each range: This is true, unfortunately, especially when compared with men. This can mean less choice for women.


Women’s hybrid bikes are not only comfortable, but they are also very versatile. You can get many different types of hybrid bikes for women and at very different price ranges.

The benefits of having a hybrid bike are obvious. It not only promoted better health, but it also has a lot of utility. Hybrid bikes for women are different from hybrid bikes for women regarding their geometrical shape.

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