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Hybrid Bike vs Cruiser Bike | Comparison

Hybrid bike vs Cruiser Bike is a very common comparison. These are bikes that both offer comfort. Therefore, which one to get? To answer this question, you need to know the similarities and differences of both.

Hybrid bikes have become so familiar now that defining them is no longer need now. People already know enough by just mentioning the name. Still, for those who do not know it is a blend of features from different bikes such as road and mountain.

Cruiser bike is also a very famous type of bike. It is more frequently referred to as a beach cruiser bike. It is particularly like by leisure riders and those who prefer comfort.

The question is: how does hybrid bike vs cruiser bike compare?

Quick Overview

Cruiser bike is mostly used for leisure and recreational purposes, rather than serious sports riding. The bike is fit for riding on beaches and the areas around it. So, it is mostly aimed at casual riding. There are further two types of such bikes single speed and multi-speed.

A hybrid bike, on the other hand, is a general purpose bike. It can be used for leisure, work, play, adventure, and even racing. It all depends on the type of hybrid bike you choose.

Now to differentiate between the two bikes, it is important that their respective features are analyzed separately. Even though there are a lot of similarities between hybrid and cruiser bikes, they still cannot be brought under one umbrella.

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Hybrid Bike vs Cruiser Bike

Hybrid bike vs Cruiser Bike

Let us now have a look at hybrid bike vs cruiser bike comparison. This is a very basic comparison but should give you all the necessary pointers to remember for both bikes.


Talking about the tires first, hybrid bikes usually have large 700c tires with a width of 23 mm. These tires allow the user to exert greater speed and thus cycle fast. The tires are made of smooth rubber which is why they maintain a good grip on the ground. Also, these tires have a small chance of getting flat because of less air pressure.

Now, Cruiser tires, on the other hand, have extra wide tires, even a little more than hybrid tires. These are special tires called balloon tires. They are extra smooth. Perfect for paved roads, but horrible for off-road.


The handlebars of both bikes promote an upright riding position. However, the handlebars on the cruiser bikes especially tend to support a swept back and upright position.

Both bikes have natural handlebar position, therefore, handling the bike should not be an issue.



The seat on a hybrid bike is situated several inches lower than the handlebars. This develops a relaxed and upright position for the rider throughout the journey. This type is ideal for riders who want bicycles for recreational purposes and easy going rides. Some seats even have a suspension system beneath to absorb shocks etc. Cruiser bikes have large and wide seats with a lot of cushioning to give maximum comfort to the rider. Cruiser seats also have suspension system as required by the user.

Gears and Brakes

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of cruiser bikes: singles speed and multi-speed. Single speed cruiser bikes have no gears. They are plain, simple and easiest to ride on. Single speed bikes user coaster brakes instead of the hand ones.

Multi-speed bikes have powerful brakes with multiple gear options. The typical speeds found on cruiser bikes include three speed and seven speed. Single speed cruisers are therefore perfect for flat roads and shorter distances. The other kind can be used for climbs.

Hybrid bikes usually have linear pull brakes since they have a greater stopping power and at the same time costs lowest for maintenance.

Hybrid bikes have several configurations. However, almost all of them have gears. Some have speeds as high as road bikes and mountain bikes.


Since cruiser bikes are mostly used around beaches and similar terrains, most of them have pre-installed fenders. These fenders protect the rider’s clothes from dust and water. For hybrid bikes, fenders are most commonly found in women hybrid bikes. In both the cases, fenders can be taken off if not required.


Now the materials that are used in hybrid and cruiser bikes may be similar to some extent. Reason being; a hybrid bike is an amalgamation of bikes so that similarities will be present.

Secondly, the basic build of all bikes is usually the same since they all there to ensure a safe ride. The difference may come in place of components. Cruiser bike frames are made of steel, alloy or aluminum. This is similar to hybrid bikes too. Steel is used because it is durable and low priced. Aluminum is used because it is lightweight, however, the cost is high. Metal alloy frames are durable and have a longer life. It all depends on the manufacturers which material they particularly use. It also depends on your budget

The Wrap-Up

To answer that, it is important that we realize that all bikes have specialties in their kind. To decide, it all boils down to your reason for buying it. If you want to take your bike out for fun and casual riding, then cruiser bikes would be appropriate. Otherwise, hybrid bikes are there for more adventurous and serious riding. This may involve uphill or rocky surfaces too.

Outlook of both the bikes is quite attractive. On cruiser bikes, though, the paint and artwork are breathtaking, and one can clearly differentiate it from other kinds. Summing it up, both the bikes have their pros and are equally demanded by people. It is, therefore, critical that you ask yourself as to for why you want to buy a bike. You can narrow down this part by asking yourself some simple questions.

For instance; where do you plan on riding? Is quality more important of affordability? Do you prefer high-tech designs or just simple ones? Which type of riding are you planning to do? The last type of question will be most helpful while deciding which bike to buy.

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